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Letter-to-Editor: Consider voting for Richard Emery for Position 4 in November

When you are thinking about who to vote for this election season, I think the public should know who Richard Emery is. I hope they do their homework!

Richard Emery is a long-time council member who people have voted into office over and over because he is:

  • FAIR
  • Knowledgeable about all things Mukilteo
  • A known entity – we know what we are getting with Richard!

At the recent Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum his succinct and fact-based answers were clearly why he has been such a popular candidate. He doesn’t use scare tactics or any other deceitful practices just to get attention. Richard is a good listener. He gives the public many opportunities to share opinions because he bases his votes on their concerns.  When asked why people should vote for him for council, he had an approach that included 4 points. The last one was the one that illustrates who Richard is and how he really hears what his constituents want: “Don’t be attached to the Outcome” – this is what Richard truly believes.

He spends time doing the homework that is required and has a solid record confirming this. Richard has served our community well. Richard has worked collaboratively with many council members throughout the years. He doesn’t let “politics” get in the way. He is just a good guy, has no pretense, no other agenda than to serve our community.

Please consider voting for Richard Emery for Position 4 in November.

Janet Hammerman, Mukilteo

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