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Letter-to-Editor: Sheriff Fortney equals remarkable leadership

I am writing to express my unequivocal support for the re-election of Adam Fortney as Snohomish County Sheriff. Sheriff Fortney has made positive changes to the Sheriff’s Office and our community through collaboration, transparency, dedication, justice, communication, honesty, servant leadership, and integrity.

For the last 31 years of my law enforcement career, I’ve worked for 7 Police Chiefs and Sheriffs; and I was appointed to the previous sheriff’s command staff. From experience, I can share that no law enforcement leader gets it right all the time. Even fewer admit when they were wrong, apologize, and have the courage to make changes and move forward in a different direction. Sheriff Fortney represents that group of rare leaders. He’s honest, intelligent, humble, courageous, hardworking, impartial, committed, and a dedicated public servant that truly believes that law enforcement is for all.

Unfortunately, resumes and achievements have been a large topic of this election; and one candidate has more than the other. However, if you stay away from all the political rhetoric, consider who Sheriff Fortney appointed to manage the 4 Sheriff’s Office bureaus. I’d put their resumes, education, and experience against anyone in law enforcement leadership positions today; and anyone who has been, or is currently seeking, the office of Sheriff.

Sheriff Fortney’s character, faith, dedication, and commitment to protecting our communities make him a remarkable leader. I wholeheartedly support Sheriff Fortney and am grateful for his unwavering commitment and service to our community.

Scott Robertson, Arlington

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