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Letter-to-Editor: Adam Fortney has improved morale Sheriff’s Office

As the owner of Pacific Industrial Park, I had the opportunity to lease and maintain the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department North Precinct. Over the past twenty-five years I have developed working relationships and friendships with Sheriff Adam Fortney, Undersheriff Ian Huri, Borough Chief Scott Robertson and many other deputies and staff.

During Sheriff Fortney’s tenure as sheriff, I have witnessed firsthand substantial improvement in morale within the department as well as greatly improved conditions and support for law enforcement in the community.

I have attended multiple community fundraisers and charity events during Adam’s time as sheriff. He is always in attendance and is committed to the community outside of normal working hours.

I want to commend and share my gratitude for Sheriff Adam Fortney’s unwavering dedication and commitment to law enforcement and making our streets and community a more enjoyable and safer place for our families, children and local business.

Adam has boots on the ground knowledge and experience and is respected and supported by every deputy that I stop to thank for their sacrifice and service. Adam is a true asset to Snohomish County, and I look forward to his re-election as Sheriff.

Andrew Peterson, Snohomish

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