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Letter-to-Editor: Important briefing about law enforcement today

Here’s a very important briefing about law enforcement reform current events. I’ve done law enforcement reform over a decade with League of Women Voters, I940, WA State task forces, and National of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement. I’ve testified for and against laws in the legislature.

Our community want these kind of changes. Sheriff Fortney is on track. If Chief Johnson wins, this is the path we hope she takes. As always Sheriffs need to get most information from the community and make changes that people help you identify.

Maj. Flood says we’re getting a jail dog soon, since fentanyl is now too tiny to detect. Urgent. Critical.

Jail now has separate sober cells critical for inmates to get clean. They can’t if their dealers and user friends are in the same cell. Many talk incessantly about things to steal and drugs they’ll take when they get out.

We need daily medical attention in jail that includes diagnoses for mental illness and addiction. In the past jail could only fill existing prescriptions which most didn’t have. This is their chance to get well. Healthy people commit less crime.

We want transparency and accountability that Fortney implemented, on day one, now he’s mastered it. We want to see mistakes fixed and understand what they changed to trust.

Presenting a perfect department is closing the blue curtain on us again leading to antagonism and mistrust. We’ve come a ways now. Let’s keep it.

Trust is the most important thing law enforcement needs nationally and it takes intense community engagement and action on their ideas to achieve it.

Sheriff Fortney has answered any questions to any community member with an open mind to hear them too. We must continue this. Only working with the community input can change law enforcement culture in the safest effective ways for Deputies, victims, and suspects.

There are many podcasts. This ONE has the most information on changing Sheriff safety and culture. Podcast Episode 16: Thurston County Sheriff Derek Sanders. (In the car it’s only 1 hour it’s the most current law enforcement changes in Washington.)

You know me, I take people off of our streets to jail, treatment, housing and jobs. I’m able to get people, men and women experiencing homelessness and addiction to admit they broke the law Only If the Deputy is professional and doesn’t insult or treat them rough. If not all they can remember is police name calling and wrongdoing. It doesn’t work.

Professional behavior by law enforcement even encouraging health talking about possibilities increases our safety and gets more people healthy and working again. Everett PD hired MATRIX who stated that’s one of the biggest results they found … it was from me.

Any questions let me know. I bring field feedback when I can to help you. I hope you use the information to make more law enforcement progress in our county.

As long as we continue to create long term low barrier shelters allowing permanent drug use – drug related crimes will stay high. There’s a way to get people in treatment, housing and jobs fast with the same budget. That would lower crime, increase our tax income, and improve our quality of life.

I placed around 35 people in 2021 and 35 people in 2022 and 6 in 2023. Your Pallet shelter placed 2 people in two years. Mine was 81. Can we make a few changes I made that helps people get their lives back? I’m here to help. It’s a couple of changes. Double results possibly. Interested?

By the way, Clares place could use help too. They’ve tried to place 2 people in a whole year they can’t. They keep reapplying. They’re stuck. Their two healthy clients health and life is at stake if they don’t get to a sober house.

I’ll reach out again later. After the election!

Warm regards,

Brenda Ivory

DISCLAIMER: The views and comments expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Lynnwood Times nor any of its affiliates.

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