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Car plows into Biden motorcade with POTUS just feet away

WILMINGTON, Del., December 17, 2023—A car plowed into a secret service vehicle of the presidential motorcade just feet from President Joseph Biden, on Sunday evening, shortly after he and First Lady Jill Biden left a dinner with staff at the Biden-Harris 2024 headquarters in downtown Wilmington.

According to the White House press pool email sent to the Lynnwood Times, the incident occurred approximately 8:07 p.m.

The First Lady entered the vehicle first, saying “Happy Holidays” to reporters. As Biden was responding to questions from reporters, a silver sedan with Delaware license plates plowed into a US Secret Service vehicle that was shielding the presidential motorcade at the intersection across from the entrance of the campaign headquarters.

Expression on President Joe Biden’s face just seconds after a vehicle plows into a parked secret service vehicle. SOURCE: Snapshot from Raw Alerts.

The incident left the President, who was standing outside his vehicle, with a surprised expression on his face, according to press pool.

Agents cornered the silver sedan, drawing weapons on the driver forcing him to surrender.

Suspect who plowed into a secret into a parked secret service vehicle. Snapshot from Raw Alerts.

By 8:09 p.m., Biden was shuffled into the waiting vehicle, where he and the First Lady continued their journey to arrive at their Delaware residence at 8:20 p.m.

The driver of the silver sedan is cooperating with the secret service.

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