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Marysville’s BlueBridge Program strengthens community bonds

MARYSVILLE—In the heart of Marysville, the BlueBridge Alliance Program is forging a powerful connection between law enforcement and the community. This 501(c)(3) nonprofit initiative, spearheaded by the Marysville Police Department, is breaking barriers, and creating a new standard for community policing.

“Our team is committed to providing outstanding service in partnership with our community to enhance our city’s safety, growth and livability,” said Marysville Police Chief Erik Scairpon.

Officer Raye Liffrig. SOURCE: Marysville Police Department.

Designed to cut through bureaucratic red tape and provide immediate relief, the BlueBridge Program equips officers with resources that extend beyond financial aid. It encompasses funding, technology, policies, guidelines, templates, training materials, and community advocacy. Officers are empowered to act promptly, making critical decisions with the aid of secure mobile banking, and ensuring accountability while helping those in need.

Marysville Police Department takes swift action against human trafficking

In the fight against human trafficking, Marysville Police Officer Raye Liffrig of the Marysville Police Department leveraged her BlueBridge card to ensure the immediate safety of a victim. A hotel room was secured for the night, complete with toiletries and food. The officer arranged transportation for her to purchase necessities and facilitated her travel to and from the hotel. This decisive action, in collaboration with the FBI, exemplifies the program’s commitment to making a positive impact on lives in need.

Marysville’s Bluebridge Program and community outreach

Officer Amanda Stewart during Coat Drive 2022. SOURCE: Marysville Police Department.

Another shining example of the program’s impact is Marysville Police Officer Amanda Stewart, a dedicated officer who has seamlessly integrated the BlueBridge Card into her community outreach efforts. Here are some instances where Officer Stewart’s utilization of the BlueBridge Card has made a tangible difference:

1. Stranded visitors find help: Responding to a call about a stranded vehicle, Officer Stewart encountered a distressed couple visiting family. With no means to fill their tank, the officer used the BlueBridge Card to provide the necessary fuel, ensuring the visitors could continue their journey without further distress.

2. Hotel stay for rental scam victim: In a trespass call, Officer Stewart uncovered a rental scam victim who had fallen prey to an online fraudster. With compassion and the BlueBridge Card, the officer secured a hotel room for the night, offering the victim a safe space while she navigated the aftermath of the scam.

3. Crisis averted, one bus ticket at a time: Approaching a woman in crisis, Officer Stewart used the BlueBridge Card to purchase a bus ticket for her journey home. Going beyond, the officer also provided groceries, ensuring she had a meal before heading to the bus stop. The combination of practical aid and empathy made a significant difference in this challenging situation.

To contribute to the BlueBridge Alliance Program and support Marysville Police Officers in their community outreach, visit BlueBridge Alliance Program.

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