April 18, 2024 9:24 am

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K-9 Knox takes a bite out of crime

EVERETT—After being “apprehended” by a member of the Snohomish County Sheriff Office’s K-9 team, most perpetrators would simply comply with officers and accept their arrest. However, for a suspect in Everett, K-9 Knox had to show him twice, that crime doesn’t pay.

On January 9, there was a shooting incident in the 700 block 112th Street SE. Everett Police Department detained three of the suspects and continued the investigation into what occurred.

K-9 Knox. SOURCE: Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

K-9 Knox and his handler responded to the area where the additional suspects were observed last traveling.

K-9 Knox tracked and located a backpack believed to be possessed by the suspects; he also located a pair of gloves and black mask. Everett PD established probable cause for first-degree assault.

K-9 Knox picked up the scent trail of one of the suspects near the 12100 block of the Interurban Trail and started tracking westbound into a residential area. After a fence crossing and tracking through multiple backyards, K-9 Knox indicated on a boat in a tree-covered area.

A verbal warning was given but the suspect did not respond. K-9 Knox “contacted” the suspect under the boat and began pulling him out. The suspect then complied, showed his hands and K-9 Knox was removed.

The suspect quickly got up and ran for a second time, K-9 Knox was sent to apprehend the suspect again as he attempted to jump over a fence to escape. K-9 Knox “held” the suspect while law enforcement took him into custody.

Another capture in the books for K-9 Knox!

SOURCE: Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office


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