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Wizards of the Coast donates scores of Dungeons & Dragons box sets to Washington State Library

OLYMPIA—Through a partnership between Wizards of the Coast and the Office of the Secretary of State, a donation of 75 Dungeons & Dragons Library Kits will ensure that every library system and institutional library in Washington can obtain a free gaming kit for patron use.

Dungeons Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons at OrcaCon 2024 at the Hilton Bellevue on January 6, 2024. Lynnwood Times Kienan Briscoe.

Secretary of State Steve Hobbs and Wizards of the Coast Head of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Dan Rawson announced the donation Thursday, March 7. The games will be available to library systems statewide from the Washington State Library. Secretary Hobbs will deliver the program’s first D&D kit on March 21 to Yakima’s Richard E. Ostrander West Valley Community Library as part of a scheduled community visit.

“I have always valued libraries as places of learning and community enrichment,” Secretary Hobbs said. “Dungeons & Dragons is an excellent opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to come together in a role-playing setting to strategize and build relationships.”

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Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop game where players can immerse themselves in the world and character of their creation, problem-solve, collaborate with others, and direct the story themselves. The Library Kits donated by Wizards of the Coast include the D&D Starter Set, ready-to-play character sheets, a demo adventure, organizer instructions, a learn-to-play guide for Dungeon Masters, and promotional materials including a library poster and flyers for players. More free resources such as rules, maps, introductory adventures, and character creation tools for teachers, librarians, educators, and all fans can be found online at D&D Beyond. Wizards of the Coast, a division of Hasbro, is a Renton-based company best-known for Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and Duel Masters.

Dan Rawson

“D&D has been inspiring imaginations and friendships for 50 years,” said Rawson, the Wizards of the Coast Senior Vice President of D&D and Role-Playing Games. “We’re excited to support D&D play everywhere and hope this donation inspires more adventurers to join the party.”

The Washington State Library and the Institute of Museum and Library Services will provide the kits free to public, tribal, and community college libraries that apply for a non-competitive “Tabletop Role-Playing Games For All” Mini-Grant and Innovation Grant program. Applications are due Monday, April 1.

“The library is a place where anyone can learn, explore, and connect,” said Yakima Valley Libraries Community Library Supervisor Rebekah Sopher. “D&D allows people to express their creativity, connect with people of diverse backgrounds, and improve their social and critical thinking skills, all while going on adventures and fighting dragons.”

Washington’s Office of the Secretary of State oversees areas within state government including managing state elections, registering corporations and charities, and governing the use of the state flag and state seal. The office also operates the State Archives and the State Library, documents extraordinary stories in Washington’s history through Legacy Washington, and administers the Combined Fund Drive for charitable giving by state employees and the Productivity Board state employee suggestion program to provide incentives for efficiency improvements. The Secretary of State also oversees the state’s Address Confidentiality Program to help protect survivors of crime.


DUNGEONS & DRAGONS has enchanted fans for 50 years with innovative gameplay, allowing friends and family to adventure in fantasy worlds together. The World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game™ boasts more than 50 million fans to date who have enjoyed the franchise through video games, novels, comics, roleplaying games, and accessories. In 2023, the major feature film produced by Paramount Pictures and eOne, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, captivated audiences and critics alike. Fans can experience D&D through wide-ranging formats right now, including online, through easy-to-use tools on D&D Beyond ( and much more. 

About Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS), develops legendary games that inspire creativity, spark passions, forge friendships and foster communities around a lifetime love of games. Wizards delivers compelling experiences for gamers across tabletop and digital gaming through its best-known franchises MAGIC: THE GATHERING and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and Hasbro’s unparalleled portfolio of approximately 1,500 brands.  With headquarters in Renton, Washington and studios in Austin, Montreal, Raleigh and Renton; Wizards is dedicated to fostering world-class talent to create unforgettable play experiences on all platforms. To learn more about Wizards, please visit our company website and social channels (@Wizards on Twitter and LinkedIn). 

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