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Resident using backyard as shooting range leads to hour-long road closure

LYNNWOODLynnwood Police seized a firearm from a local resident after it was discovered he was attempting to teach his female companion how to shoot in his backyard.

shooting range
20000 block of 44th Avenue West near the backyard shooting range incident. SOURCE: Google Maps.

On March 26 at approximately 2:00 p.m., Lynnwood Police responded to the 20000 block of 44th Avenue West for reports of a female shooting a gun in a populated residential neighborhood.

After securing the area, officers contacted a suspected residence and spoke with the involved male and female. They learned that the male was giving the female “shooting” lessons in their back yard.

For almost an hour, 44th Ave W—one of the busiest roads within Lynnwood City limits—was closed while officers and detectives completed their investigation that included serving a search warrant at the location to seize the involved handgun.

Lynnwood Police would like to remind residents that firing a firearm in a residential neighborhood within the city limits of Lynnwood, without threat to life and for sport, is not only extremely dangerous but illegal. Residents are asked to use a licensed shooting range for any live fire practice.

Below are shooting ranges near Lynnwood:

2 Responses

  1. That map pin is in a LTC construction zone, not someone’s back yard. Fix it.

    Also, there do not seem to be any single family homes anywhere near 200th St SW and 44th Ave W. Just apartment buildings, construction sites, and businesses. I think your info is faulty.

    1. The information was provided by the Lynnwood Police Department. The actual address is not provided to protect the identity of the homeowner.

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