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Eighteen fallen heroes honored at Global War on Terror Veterans Memorial in Arlington

ARLINGTON—The names of the eighteen Snohomish County residents who perished during military operations from September 11, 2001, to the present, were unveiled on Memorial Day, May 27, 2024. The names were engraved on a plaque adjacent to a sculpture by a local artist at Haller Bridge that was rededicated as the “Global War on Terror Veterans Bridge” in 2022.

Global War on Terror
The memorial sculpture by Caroline Sumpter and Don Frazier with the plaques on each side with the eighteen names of Snohomish County’s fallen heroes. SOURCE: Nate Nehring.

“As we know freedom is not free and it comes with a great cost. And we are thankful for those who served and those who have given their life in service,” State Representative Sam Low told the Lynnwood Times.

Located between the Unity Arch and Peace Plaza in Arlington, the memorial begins at the approach of the Haller Bridge, along the Centennial Trail, and crosses the Stillaguamish River. It is the first in Snohomish County to specifically honor military veterans killed in post-9/11 conflicts. A total of 155 Washington state service members have given their lives during the war on terrorism.

This location along the Centennial Trail is a popular destination for recreation and provides a peaceful setting for reflection and prayer to honor the brave people lost to recent military conflicts.

Global War on Terror
Members of the public at the memorial sculpture with the eighteen names of Snohomish County’s fallen heroes on May 27, 2024. SOURCE: Nate Nehring.

“Snohomish County is incredibly honored by the veterans, military families, and active duty servicemembers who had roles in post-9/11 military operations,” said Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers in a statement. “For those 18 residents who perished and their families, we will be forever grateful for their ultimate sacrifice. Our country and community are safer because of them.”

“This plaque builds on the memorial honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Global War on Terror. We owe it to those brave individuals who sacrificed so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have today. I appreciate the community members and partnerships that brought us to this point today,” said Snohomish County Council Vice-Chair Nate Nehring.

This collaborative effort between local veterans, the City of Arlington, the Snohomish County Arts Commission, the Snohomish County Conservation & Natural Resources, and the Snohomish County Parks & Recreation, was supported by County Executive Dave Somers, County Councilmen Nate Nehring (District 1), and Sam Low (District 5).

Global War on Terror
Joshua Dugan, a retired U.S. Navy veteran and member of Snohomish County Executive staff speaking at the Haller Bridge rededication ceremony in May 2022. Lynnwood Times | Mario Lotmore.

Joshua Dugan, a retired U.S. Navy veteran and member of Executive Somers’ office, shared the names of all 18 military members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice on the Global War on Terror since 2001.

The following names are of the eighteen Snohomish County GWOT casualties:

  • 9/10/2016: 1LT Jeffrey D. Cooper, U.S. Army, Mill Creek, served in Kuwait
  • 5/23/2012: 2LT Travis A Morgado, U.S. Army, Lynnwood, KIA Afghanistan
  • 11/27/2011: MAJ Philip D. Ambard, U.S. Air Force, Edmonds, KIA Afghanistan
  • 11/19/2009: SSG John J. Clevenger, U.S. Army, Marysville, KIA Afghanistan
  • 9/9/2008: 1LT Nicholas A. Madrazo, U.S. Marine Corps, Bothell, KIA Afghanistan
  • 9/9/2008: HM3 Eichmann A. Strickland, U.S. Navy, Arlington, KIA Afghanistan
  • 3/23/2008: LCPL Dustin L. Canham, U.S. Marine Corps, Lake Stevens, Djibouti
  • 3/10/2008: SGT Phillip R. Anderson, U.S. Army, Everett, KIA Iraq
  • 10/4/2007: SPC Vincent G. Kamka, U.S. Army, Everett, KIA Iraq
  • 7/26/2007: PVT Michael Baloga, U.S. Army, Everett, KIA Iraq
  • 7/16/2007: LCPL Shawn V. Starkovich, U.S. Marine Corps, Arlington, KIA Iraq
  • 12/5/2006: SPC Jordan W. Hess, U.S. Army, Marysville, KIA Iraq
  • 2/18/2006: SGT Charles E. Matheny IV, U.S. Army, Stanwood, KIA Iraq
  • 5/30/2005: CPL Jeffrey B. Starr, U.S. Marine Corps, Snohomish, KIA Iraq
  • 9/16/2004: CPL Steven A. Rintamaki, U.S. Marine Corps, Lynnwood, KIA Iraq
  • 5/29/2004: PFC Cody S. Calavan, U.S. Marine Corps, Lake Stevens, KIA Iraq
  • 8/1/2003: SPC Justin W Hebert, U.S. Army, Arlington, KIA Iraq
  • 9/11/2001: SGM Larry Strickland, U.S. Army, Edmonds, KIA Pentagon

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