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Mom turns in 16-year-old son who shot and killed a 13-year-old in Alderwood Mall

LYNNWOOD—A Thirteen-year-old girl who was shot in the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood on Wednesday evening has succumbed to her injuries, Lynnwood Police reports. She has been identified as Jayda Woods-Johnson. Jayda’s family requests privacy at this time.

alderwood food court shooting
13-year-old Jayda Woods-Johnson. Source: Lynnwood PD

The suspect has been identified as a 16-year-old male from Edmonds. He was brought in by his mother and is in custody. He will be booked into jail for Murder police say. The gun has not yet been recovered. Detectives continue to follow leads and collect all available evidence.

alderwood food court shooting
16-year-old suspect (left) who allegedly shot and killed 13-year-old Jayda Woods-Johnson. Source: Lynnwood PD

An altercation ensued at approximately 6:04 p.m. on July 3 between two groups of teenagers in the Alderwood Mall food court at which point one teenaged male withdrew a handgun and fired a single round. Unfortunately, an innocent, uninvolved, 13-year-old girl who was walking by the incident with her friend was struck by the bullet. She was rushed to hospital and later succumbed to her injuries.

“I am heartbroken for this young girl and her family and asked that you keep them in your prayers,” Lynnwood Police Chief Cole Langdon wrote in a statement.

Police Officers believe there were four to five teenage males who approached two other males resulting in a physical fight and subsequent fatal shooting. The victim’s family has been notified.

Every LPD officer in the area responded with assistance by the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, Washington State Patrol, and Mountlake Terrace PD. K-9 units and helicopter assistance were also provided. 

The mall was evacuated and put on lockdown. LPD posted on their twitter around 7:17 p.m. to avoid the Alderwood Mall area. 

The suspect was identified using the mall’s surveillance cameras wearing a white sweatshirt with black lettering, black pants, white shoes, and a large afro. 

alderwood food court shooting
16-year-old suspect (left) who allegedly shot and killed 13-year-old Jayda Woods-Johnson. Source: Lynnwood PD

As this is still an ongoing investigation the LPD could not provide any more information at this time. They also do not know whether the altercation was gang-related or what make, model, or caliber the firearm used in the incident was. Law enforcement has not acquired the firearm. 

The mall is no longer in lockdown as of 7:48 p.m. 

Commander Patrick Fagen told the Lynnwood Times he cannot recall another shooting taking place at the mall through his entire career with the Lynnwood Police Department.

alderwood food court shooting
Lynnwood Police responding the Alderwood Mall shooting Wednesday, Mario Lotmore, Lynnwood Times

The LPD encourages anyone who witnessed the altercation or have any information that could lead to the arrest of the other individuals involved in the crime, to contact 911. 

This is a developing story please check back as more information becomes available. 

Editor’s note:

  • [11:27 p.m., July 3, 2024] Article updated with victim’s name and that the suspect was caught.
  • [10:42 p.m., July 3, 2024] Article updated with latest information regarding the victims age and of her passing.

78 Responses

    1. Learn to read it says her full name then states Jada’s family is asking for privacy Doesn’t say two names

  1. The police need to be trained better; they didn’t have officers at all entrances. My son and I almost walked into the mall shortly after the shooting. A business employee ran by us outside and warned people there was an active shooter. Why didn’t the police secure the building? It would’ve protected more innocent people and it would’ve helped them find the suspect at large. Very scary for my autistic son to experience this.

    1. The police need better training…? This is not the story madam! How about, what kind of parents are raising these monsters?!

      1. Exactly. How about pray for the young ladies family. So sad. Such a beautiful innocent life lost. Not fair. Prayers to her friends and family during this difficult time 🙏💔

      2. The shooters mother turned him in. It wasn’t the parents, some kids just turn bad for no good reason.

        1. I support your statement. She turned her son in to face his consequences. I see her as a morally a responsible person. I’m confident to say she’s heartbroken over this.

          1. Nope! She bailed him out the next day not even 24 hours after he stole this young girls innocent life. His dad is a doctor, he had been kicked out of school. He is a bad apple and his parents are part of the problem.

      3. Way to make it about you, Kim. Maybe try being more aware of your surroundings. People running out of the building and a plethora of emergency vehicles didn’t seem odd to you? Or was this before a large number of officers were able to get on scene? They don’t fucking teleport.

        1. Best response ever….. they don’t teleport!!! What? since when?…. And totally agree she made it about herself. A little girl dies and somehow it’s about JP.

      4. Your funny if you think kids only turn out this way from “bad parenting”. Think more along the lines of social influence, school, friends. Its illegal to lock your child in thier room and home. You cant be there to watch every move they make. Kids lie, sneak around etc. I am 17 months younger than my brother. He took a different path n spent 16 years locked up. I did not. Raised by the same parents at the same time. How about kudos to this 16yo child’s mother for turning him in. How heartbreaking for a mother and prayers to her family and the 13yo girls family. Beautiful young CHILD gone too soon.

        1. Yes. This. Move the focus to questioning how the child got a gun. And further questioning how to develop common sense gun laws.

        2. This “child” is a gangbanging killer who will brag about what he did once he is inevitably free to kill more children and adults. Sympathy for murderers never yields results.

      5. Woooo harsh judgmental much. Who are you to critize the parents. I moved here from Chicago I was out with gangs parents did everything they could to keep me away. Rest assured this was not easy for the parents but they did do the right thing by bringing in their child.

      6. The fact that this boy’s mother had the moral aptitude to turn her son in, which would be an extremely difficult thing to do, speaks volumes about her as a parent. As parents, we don’t control every move of our teenage and adult children. Maybe you could commend her rather than condemn her right now!

      7. Can’t really talk badly about the mother of the shooter. She was the one who turned her son in. As horrible as this is for the victim’s family and my heart grieves for them. I also have feelings of grief and support for his mother. Apparently, he ran home, some place safe for him. She did not uphold his behavior. It was a total act of tough love and discipline. We don’t know if he has been on a behavioral decline over the past year, month or even weeks. She stood up and parented him. This mother did not raise a monster.

        1. He had every intent to take another person’s life firing that gun. She raised a monster who should never see the light of day. Shame on you for saying something like this.

    2. The police were defunded….remember? They are probably doing the best they can with what they have to work with. Bless them.

      1. The police were not defunded. Please just stop. Lynnwood has all the police it’s ever had and just built a 60 plus million dollar facility. The mall has indoor and out door stores. Many many doors to cover. Plus parking structures and apartments and another strip mall in the mall parking lot. Plus 7 or more entrances and exits. This happened in the food court and required a massive response there that fanned out but unless you think lynnwood should have 250 full time cops then there was no way to have all of that place covered. Look at a map of the place and count stores.

      2. First, let’s all recognize that this is about the horrible loss of a kid. I can’t imagine the loss her parents are feeling.

        But, comments about how the police are “defunded” are ignorant. Because it’s public information – you should look things up before saying things that are factually not true. If you look at the Lynnwood budget. (2019-2020 Budget Page 388 or 2023-2024 budget page 223) The operating revenues for the department have increased nearly every year since 2016 (earliest budget posted on CoL website). Tax revenues have more than doubled since 2018. 23-24 budget being the highest its ever been. This took me under 5 minutes to confirm and a simple Web Search to confirm. Be better.

        1. I cited the wrong pages. My apologies. Budget Page 293 in 2019. Budget Page 177 in 2024.

          Also, for context, in 2020 the police budget was $19.2M. In 2024 the budget was $49.4M. 2016 actual was $17.1M…

          Over that same time period, the department went from 101 employees to 123 employees. None of this has anything to do with police funding.

          Same is true with Seattle. Seattle has not reduced the number of officers through all the talk of “defund the police”. Blaming policing woes on budgets is an easy, but wrong answer

    3. Wow. Making all of this about YOU with total disregard for the young girl and the families for those directly involved in this terrible situation. You must be one of those who ALWAYS want to be the center of attention.

    4. They have a limited amount off officers on sight. They didn’t know how many shooters there were and they had a large area to cover looking for up to 15 teenagers that were involved. Good grief!

    5. Somehow you twist this into the police being the problem. Nice. It’s called situational awareness. Maybe all the sirens and large police presence would tip you off.

    6. You are so off base. Policemen protect their lives daily for us. They are paid crap and must put up with the worst of society. Often their hands are tied. Please instead blame liberal politicians who have weakened penalties for crimes.

    7. As someone who was working when this happened, it was scary for everyone. I don’t think you understand all of the steps that go into securing a large site like the mall. They didn’t need more training, they needed more officers. Don’t talk badly about the officers. They did what they could. No one expects a 16 year old to start shooting because of a stupid fight between teens. The evacuation was handled well and quickly. This could have gone much much worse than it did. You didn’t hear the gunshot, people screaming, and then running in fear of their lives. You weren’t there.

    8. Thanks for sharing about the various entrances needing people like Police Officers there who may inform people to leave due to a serious situation. Other Town Police Depts appreciate peoples observations and inform their Officers for Insights. I’ve sat through an information meeting by Our Police about their priorities responding, 1st apprehend the Shooter! They really care to keep Everyone Safe!

    9. What the fuck does autism have to do with this? Anyone could be triggered or in fear. Get over yourself and do something about it at city hall.

  2. Saw the shooting happen me and my sisters ran outside then when police arrived they just let people that weren’t in the mall when it happened continuously walk pass them while the shooting was still active

  3. Fucking punks think they’re tough with guns.
    Be a man and fight without out it you fucking wimps.

  4. I’m impressed with the mother that brought her son into the police department to hold him responsible for what he did that would’ve been hard on her part but as a responsible parent, she did the right thing.

  5. Police work on getting a helicopter to get the victim moved out immediately
    Then they have to sort through dozens of people to get information. The suspects all were located in short order.
    Police do have many rolls in our community and getting all 30 entrances locked. It might have been a little more difficult than you think. Be nice and support our community.

  6. My heart is broken that an innocent girl lost her life and her family lost their daughter. No family should have to go through something like this and my prayers are with them. Cudos to the mother who did the right thing and turned her son in. My prayers are with you too as you also lost your son today and I know your heart is hurting too.

    1. And this is the type of true compassion that needs to be shown in response by community! Brava Ann! My condolences to the girls family above all, my respect to the boys mom for making a call no parent wants to make BUT SHE DID! And my thoughts are with first responders who worked so save a young life and couldn’t, they will carry that the rest of theirs.

  7. Please bring back consequences, don’t close juvenile jails. Those who have been in charge have failed us by allowing crime to run rampant and vilifying police. They should be held accountable

  8. Please don’t criticize our first responders. They are doing a thankless job. Vote for more conservative politicians who want to make criminal behavior punishable with severe penalties. If people are scared to commit crimes because they know they will have their hand cut off or whatever, watch what happens. Right now there is no law and order due to liberal laws, not because of police training. Police are underpaid, understaffed, and underpowered thanks to our politicians you voted for.

  9. To Jada’s family and friends, my heart aches for all of you. She’s so beautiful! Thinking of you all during this difficult time.

  10. They want to know who else was involved. I don’t understand why the 16 yr old was released on bail. He knows who else was involved. Hold him until he gives u the names.

  11. “police have not recovered the firearm.” The alleged shooter is now out on bail. what do you want to bet that the police never find that firearm now! somebody wasn’t thinking very clearly in the judicial.

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