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Has transit entered the “death spiral”?


Transit ridership dropped sharply with the onset of the COVID pandemic in 2020. The slow rebound in the years that followed has prompted discussion, sometimes in hushed tones, as to whether transit had entered a “death spiral.” That ominous description refers to a situation where a decrease in ridership leads to lower farebox revenue, which […]

With $1.5B, feds seal commitment to new I-5 bridge linking Washington and Oregon

I-5 bridge

VACOUVER, Wash.—The federal government is all in on replacing the I-5 bridge across the Columbia River, linking Washington and Oregon. On Friday, July 12, area political leaders celebrated receipt of a $1.499 billion grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Combined with a separate $600 million award secured in December, it means the feds are […]

If a presidential nominee drops out, what happens to states’ ballots?

presidential nominee

WASHINGTON—The Electoral College could help Democrats avoid a complicated situation in the event their presumed Presidential nominee Joe Biden withdraws from the race after his name is printed on ballots. States Newsroom reporters and editors in the network’s 39 states explored how a presidential candidate could be replaced on ballots — should the nominee drop […]

Washington Democrats back the Biden-Harris ticket

Shasti Conrad

President Joe Biden sent a letter to congressional Democrats on Monday, July 8, reaffirming his commitment to winning in November and “running this race to the end.” Over the holiday weekend, WA State Democratic Chair Shasti Conrad visited the White House, where she saw both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris speak to the […]

CO2 tax supporters’ latest effort to hide cost is badly flawed

CO2 tax

According to AAA and GasBuddy, Washington state gas prices are about 25 cents per gallon more than Oregon. In December 2022, the prices were virtually identical. That gap is almost exactly the amount of Washington’s CO2 tax, imposed by the Climate Commitment Act (CCA). This is not a surprise and matches the experience in California and elsewhere where […]

Rival Democrats spar over fundraising maneuvers in governor race

ferguson mullet

In their race for governor, Mark Mullet thinks it’s fishy how frontrunner and fellow Democrat Bob Ferguson is going about raising money for the state Democratic party. Mullet, a state senator, is convinced something’s amiss with a six-figure “donation” that Ferguson, who is currently attorney general, made to the party in April. He’s contested, thus […]

Fireworks Fizzle, Safety Sizzles: Mukilteo’s Ban for Brighter Nights

Fireworks mukilteo

MUKILTEO—The upcoming Independence Day holiday brings with it the excitement of celebration and the age-old tradition of fireworks displays. However, in Mukilteo ordinance (MMC 8.04.020) prohibits the sale, use, and discharge of fireworks within the city limits. The city ordinance, MMC 8.04.020, states that the use of fireworks is prohibited within Mukilteo’s city limits. This […]

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