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Washington cities reconsider Russian Sister City relationships

russian sister cities

After Gov. Inslee called upon state agencies to cut ties with Russia last month, Washington cities must now decide if they will also cut ties with their Russian sister cities, an action that has fallen in a grey area for many cities across the nation.  In his February 28 press conference, Gov. Inslee requested that […]

Trans Athletes: Policies, Inclusion and Contradiction

trans athletes

Many athletic organizations have revised their policies to create fairness for trans athletes, all while taking contradictory approaches. The contradictions are stark as organizations struggle to determine whether or not trans women hold physical advantages over their biologically female competitors. Some of the bigger policy revisions have come from organizations like the International Olympic Committee […]

Fact or Fiction: Misinformation spreading on social media regarding the Russo-Ukraine conflict

misinformation ukraine

Misinformation surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been spreading like wildfire on social media and mainstream media. Fantastical stories of heroism in Ukraine particularly have become rampant as many onlookers cheer on Ukrainian patriotism.  But not all of these stories are exactly true. The Lynnwood Times compiled a list of stories surrounding the conflict to […]

Carmen Best shares the importance of wisdom, perseverance, and togetherness

Carmen Best

Carmen Best shares what it is like to be “Black in Blue” in her 2021 bestselling book that is available on Amazon and at local booksellers. The retired Seattle Police Chief tells her story of navigating racism and discrimination early in her career and dealing with civil unrest as a police chief during BLM demonstrations […]

Fifth Circuit rules ‘ongoing coercion’ by United Airlines of its vaccine mandate

united airlines

United Airlines employees who are suing the airline for its COVID-19 vaccine mandate just got a second chance to make their case. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered a district court judge on February 17 to reconsider after he initially denied the employees’ request to block the policy. Back in September, eight Texas-based United […]

House approves Trudeau for Emergency Act use

Trudeau emergency act

UPDATE [3:40 p.m. February 23, 2022]: Today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revokes the Emergency Act he invoked last week and the House of Common’s approved on Monday. OTTAWA, Canada – February 23, 2022 – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada won the House of Commons vote 185-151 on Monday […]

Black History Month Feature: Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Club

red-tailed hawks flying

MUKILTEO, Wash., February 14, 2022 – Hundreds of students have been soaring through the skies over Mukilteo with the Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Club since its founding in 2013. The club, which serves underrepresented and underserved communities in the area, has ignited a passion for aerospace in many of its young students.  The club held its […]

Activist groups resort to School Surety Bonds claims in attempt to end mask mandates

surety bonds

In an attempt to counter mask mandates at local school districts, some organizations across the nation have begun to employ a little-known approach – targeting the surety bonds of their public school officials. Two activist groups in Scottsdale, Ariz., and Bethalto, Ill., have resorted to this tactic. Public officials – including superintendents, treasurers, and others […]

Sultan School District requests $32 million in taxpayer money

sultan school district

SULTAN, Wash., February 6, 2022 – Sultan residents will vote on February 8 whether or not to renew two education levies, both of which are set to expire in 2022. The levies, which come out of local property taxes, will amount to roughly $32 million over the next four years on top of Sultan School […]

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