July 16, 2024 5:46 am

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WESCO 3A Baseball: Royals win 7-6 against Scouts

Gabe Newson

by MARIO LOTMORE A chilly Friday evening didn’t keep parents of both Lynnwood and Shorecrest high schools away from an incredible edge-of-your-seat game. A hit to inner left field by No. 30 Joshua Latimer in the 4th inning, began the Lynnwood Royals’ path to victory, defeating the Shorecrest Scouts 7-6 by the 7th inning. At […]

Baseball: Mavericks win 5-3 against Tomahawks

by Mario Lotmore With a hit to center outfield by No. 13 Parker Cumberland, the Mavericks took the lead 4-3 in the sixth inning. Both Connor Kauff man and Brady Johnson scored as Mavericks onlookers cheered. The excitement didn’t end as No. 4 Mason Vaughn made it to third base with an incredible hit to […]

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