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Not all heroes wear capes, some wear biker jackets

gaurdians of the children

SNOHOMISH, Wash., August 8, 2022 – Hollywood depictions of bikers over the years have helped perpetuate the stereotype that biker gangs are violent outlaws who spend their time between rides frequenting dive bars and running guns. While these clubs only make up 1% of Motorcycle clubs in the country, according to the American Motorcycle Association, […]

Warning signs of grooming: How to protect your child from sexual abuse


LYNNWOOD, Wash. May 16, 2022 – Child sexual abuse is a widespread problem. In Snohomish County alone there are over 1,000 open investigations in child abuse, according to a 2020 Partners of Our Children report. However, despite those open investigations, Detective Jacqueline Arnett with the Lynnwood Police Department says that over 90% of child sexual […]

Child abuse in county increasingly unreported during pandemic

By: Erin Freeman | Lynnwood Times Staff Reports of child abuse in Snohomish County have gone down significantly since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic as vulnerable children lack exposure to intervening adults, driving many sexual or physical assault cases to go unreported.  As restrictions to normalcy work to keep Washingtonians safe during the coronavirus […]

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