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Online reservations now open for Governor’s Mansion commemorative tours

Governor's Mansion

OLYMPIA — Online reservations are now open for tours of the Governor’s Mansion commemorating the 115th anniversary of the Mansion’s first housewarming event. The Governor’s Mansion was completed in December 1908. In January 1909, two housewarming ceremonies were held – one for the public and one for the Legislature and state officers. In honor of […]

These five bills threaten a free press in Washington state

Washington press

OLYMPIA, Wash., February 27, 2023—A set of five bills being considered this legislative session potentially impact a free and responsible press by restricting a journalist’s access to public information—hindering government oversite— according to the Allied Newspapers of Washington, the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, and the Washington State Association of Broadcasters. The bills include HB-1533, SB-5644, […]

Lynnwood Times travels to Olympia to discuss key issues

Lynnwood Times

OLYMPIA, Wash., February 26, 2023—Lynnwood Times journalists traveled to the state capitol, Olympia, on February 16, to meet with lawmakers, elected officials, and Governor Jay Inslee himself during a visit to the Governor’s Mansion. The day was brought, in part, by the Allied Daily Newspapers of Washington, Washington Newspaper Publishers Association (WNPA), and the Washington […]

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