July 13, 2024 9:53 pm

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Mukilteo-based Electroimpact seeking part-time and full-time interns


MUKILTEO, Wash., September 20, 2023—Aerospace and automation manufacturer Electroimpact is now accepting full-time and part-time engineering interns at its Mukilteo location. If accepted, interns work closely alongside experienced engineers, actively contributing to both the design and assembly of the company’s cutting-edge equipment. Electroimpact internships serve a dual purpose: they offer exceptional learning opportunities while serving […]

ElectroImpact: The nature of entrepreneurs and the companies they create

By Michael Gold | Commentary This article is about a leading edge, privately held company based in Mukilteo, Washington called ElectroImpact (EI). The company supplies production automation equipment to the aerospace industry. Our economy was created by entrepreneurs who had an idea and followed it; motived by a passion for learning and accomplishment. This is […]

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