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Mindful Mondays: Cultivating Mental Wellness

mindful monday

We have far more impact on our own mental wellness than we may have been told. Every day, we can make choices to create who we want to become. H/T to Dr. Nicole LePera for these reminders of ways to cultivate mental wellness: Remember, the brain can change throughout life. New neural pathways can be […]

Mindful Mondays: Working with difficult emotions

Soften Sooth Allow

Soften, Sooth, Allow This weekend on my way to fetch eggs from a local family farm, I stumbled upon the ruins of a former mental health hospital.  Northern State Mental Hospital was closed in 1976 after reigning since 1912.  It left in its wake some successes I’m sure, but it is where many practices and […]

Mindful Monday: Breathing Through the Stress


Some Mondays arrive and we look back on the weekend and see disruption, corruption, and eruption. Not rest. Some Mondays require a reminder to breath intentionally; to remind ourselves that at the edges of what appears broken is a salvage edge that is trying to heal. Here is a simple meditation to quickly allow the […]

Mindful Monday: Tried-and-True Tips for Mindful Walking


February is a breakout time of year.  The chilled weather with increased sun and light can encourage us to make our way outside. Jaunts around the block to wake up from our winter idle can be invigorating. Mindful breathes of cool air can support our mental health too! I’ve guided countless walks with small groups […]

Mindful Mondays: Be Still, Be Grounded


I spent part of this weekend in one of the most beautiful State parks in the United States: Deception Pass State Park (according to digital travel publication, Travel Lens). At the West Beach you can say hello to an amazing Douglas fir tree that has witnessed more than 850 years of activity around it. The […]

Mindful Monday: Cultivating Curiosity


When we practice Mindfulness, we can intentionally cultivate foundational attitudes or postures of being. Today we’ll explore the posture of Curiosity. Celestial Curiosity In August of 2012 our beloved roving robot named Curiosity landed on the planet Mars. For more than 10 years it has been puttering around 3-mile-high Mount Sharp inside Gale Crater. Recently […]

Mindful Monday: Keeping the Spirit of Generosity


It’s easy in the month following the giving holidays to pullback on our giving spirit. Today let’s remember that the spirit of giving is one to harbor all year long. Generosity is a foundational attitude of Mindfulness and practicing it deepens our awareness. The fine human seen in the photo to the right, recently received […]

Mindful Mondays: Noticing Joy


One of the biggest costs of being Mindless, instead of Mindful, is the loss of opportunity.  One of those opportunities could be the chance to notice Joy. Joyful moments can look like ecstatic celebration or just the daily mundane pleasures of life that feel deeply contented. They always seem to have a sense of buoyancy. […]

Mindful Mondays: Settle in with the 3 Ps


SETTLING INTO THE PAUSE – NON-JUDGEMENT – NOTICING JOY – REFLECTION       SETTLING INTO THE PAUSE This time of year can feel like a roaming whirling dervish. Other times it can feel relaxed and spacious. Pausing to notice can cultivate self-awareness, personal worth, and a sensibility of grounding. Nothing is needed except to notice when you […]

Mindful Mondays: Finding Uncertainty in a wobbly world


There is something about getting through a winter holiday in this bizarre epoque to reassure us that we do indeed have the resilience to get through it all. I may toss my 2022 calendar onto a bonfire for a ritual burning, while lifting high a strong beverage, and bid the year a solemn Good Riddance! […]

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