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Pickleheads is a new way to connect with Washington’s state sport pickleball


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 4, 2023—When Brandon Mackie, Pickleheads Co-Founder, was living in Los Angeles he struggled with finding a place to play pickleball. He would look up parks, one-by-one, and zoom in on a map looking for courts because the last thing he wanted to do was drive 30-minutes to a park just to find […]

Mill Creek Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem deliver State of the City address

Mill Creek State City

MILL CREEK, Wash., April 28, 2023—Mill Creek Mayor Brian Holtzclaw and Mayor Pro Tem Stephanie Vignal delivered the Mill Creek State of the City address on Tuesday, April 25, discussing the DRCC properties, the City’s $5 million in ARPA Funds, staffing levels, and the South County Fire Annex. Dobson, Remillard, Cook, and Church Properties The […]

Mill Creek becomes first city in county to condemn antisemitism

mill creek antisemitism

MILL CREEK, Wash., December 14, 2022—Following the example of Snohomish County Government and the City of Bellevue, Mill Creek adopted a proclamation condemning antisemitism at its Regular Meeting Tuesday, December 13, making it the first city in Snohomish County to do so. The city also established Juneteenth as an observed holiday, discussed budget amendments, necessary […]

Senator Lovick and City staff celebrate new Pickleball courts in Mill Creek

pickleball mill creek

MILL CREEK, Wash., June 23, 2022 – Mill Creek City Council and staff, joined by Senator John Lovick and Pickleball ambassadors, christened the newly striped multi-use courts at Highland Park yesterday, June 22, by playing pickup games commemorating pickleball as the recently established official state sport of Washington. SB-5615, designating pickleball as the official state […]

Mill Creek overwhelmingly votes for South County Fire annexation

mill creek annexation

MILL CREEK, Wash., April 26, 2022 – Mill Creek residents voted, 76.42%, in favor of Proposition 1, for annexation into South Snohomish County Fire & Rescue Regional Fire Authority (South County Fire) to provide fire and emergency medical services initial results show Tuesday evening, April 26. “We welcome the residents of Mill Creek to the […]

What you need to know about the annexation of Mill Creek into South County Fire

mill creek south county fire

MILL CREEK, Wash., April 11, 2022 – The Mill Creek City Council unanimously passed resolution 2022-631 at a Public Hearing Tuesday, February 22, which allows voter’s the opportunity to decide annexation of the city into South County Fire on their upcoming April 26 Special Election ballot. South Snohomish County Fire and Rescue Regional Fire Authority […]

Election 2021: Winners, losers, and too close to call

2021 general election

ARTICLE UPDATES 7:15 PM Nov 9, 2021: Updated results and added statements from Gary Petershagen, Will Chen, and John Kartak. LT calls election for Gary Petershagen and Shirley Sutton. County has counted 181,510 ballots to a total return of 185,228 ballots. 8:00 PM Nov 5, 2021: Updated results and added statement from Joshua Binda. Lynnwood […]

Mill Creek votes against resolution prohibiting vax mandate for city employees

vaccine mandate mill creek

MILL CREEK, Wash., September 30, 2021 – Following an emotionally fueled discussion, Councilman Vincent Cavaleri’s resolution to prohibit mandatory vaccination for the City of Mill Creek employees ultimately did not pass at Tuesday’s city council meeting on September 28.  To view the resolution in its entirety, click here.  “Every employee has the right to come […]

2021 Primary Election results

Snohomish County primary

🚨UPDATE 5 p.m. Aug 12 🚨Current Turnout: 26.77% up from 26.73% the previous day. Expected county turnout is 28%. Lynnwood turnout is 28.32%. All results are current as of posted update. The next update is set for 5 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 13. 🚨UPDATE 5 p.m. Aug 12 🚨 Today, Garth Fell, Snohomish County Auditor, confirmed […]

2021 Election Season kicks off

snohomish county elections

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash., May 22, 2021 – Friday was the filing deadline for citizens to participate in the political system here in Washington state kicking off the 2021 election season. The last day for candidates to withdraw from the ballot is 5 p.m. May 24. For a full timeline of key dates, click here. Only […]

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