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Your Best Pet: Command Control for Companion Animal News

Your Best Pet

By Lori Theis What are we reading? So many fantastic books are out there right now: Our Dogs Ourselves, by Alexandra Horowitz; Mamas Last Hug, by Frans de Waal, to name just a few. However, Dog Behavior: Modern Science and Our Canine Companions by James Ha and Tracy Campion is at the top of our […]

Puzzle Toys: The best thing you can do for you and your dog

Your Best Pet

Thank you to Rachel Lane of Leash & Learn for this excellent article on how to enrich the quality of our dogs’ lives. What are puzzle toys? Biologically speaking, puzzle toys give your dog the opportunity to perform breed- and species-appropriate naturalistic behaviors. Practically speaking, puzzle toys are like free training! Get your dog some […]

Why do people take mean dogs out for walks?

Your Best Pet

Command Control for Companion Animal News The sun is out and we now see more dogs than ever on walks in our neighborhoods, at off-leash areas, and on the trails of our parks. With so many dogs and people occupying the same space it seems appropriate to address some basic etiquette. This reader asks a […]

Your Best Pet: Welcome

Command Control for Companion Animal News by Lori Theisyourbestpet@lynnwoodtimes.com Welcome to Your Best Pet! Curated by Lori Theis, UW Certified Behavior Specialist. Your Best Pet, where you’ll discover the most up-to-date scientific news and tips about companion animal behavior, health and training methods. You’ll also find updates on trending animal legislation and welfare issues in […]

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