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Eggs-plore Artist: Lynn Hanson


“Viking Fowl” is located at Chick-fil-A. Lynn Hanson is not only an artist but a gallery owner. Lynn Hanson Gallery, a contemporary art gallery, is located in Pioneer Square. She is also a member of the Lynnwood Arts Commission and co-president for Art Walk Edmonds. “My life is surrounded with art,” she said, “but in my spare time, I like to walk and spend time with family and friends.”

Lynn participated in Eggs-plore last year, but this year she wanted to try something different. She had the idea of turning the egg on its side and making a chicken. This was challenging for her; Lynn’s works are largely 2D, so sculpting a chicken form around a plastic egg was a step in a new direction.

When making her chicken, she was inspired by some of her recent paintings in a series called “Imagining Denmark.” Lynn has Danish roots and has been researching them, so “Viking Fowl” was a logical next step for her. She really enjoyed the challenge of this piece and says that she may work on more 3D projects in the future.

“Don’t be discouraged, keep working. Nobody starts out with a masterpiece. Bad paintings will teach you how to make better paintings,” Lynn said when asked if she had any advice for aspiring artists.

“Art can speak a language that words cannot touch. Art can touch your soul in a multitude of ways. Art can bring joy or break your heart. Art can speak to different individuals in different ways,” she said.

To see more of Lynn’s work, check out her gallery’s website at LynnHansonGallery.com.

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