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Snohomish County Councilwoman Stephanie Wright campaign kickoff

By LUKE PUVIN luke.putvin@lynnwoodtimes.com

Approximately 100 supporters joined County Councilmember Stephanie Wright for her 2019 election kickoff on Monday, June 24 in the lobby of the Edmonds Center for the Arts. Big T’s Moonshine-BBQ catered the event.

Stephanie Wright
Stephanie Wright’s campaign kickoff on June 24 at the Edmonds Center for the Arts.

“I want everyone to walk away with a sense of partnership,” Wright said. “Everyone here is someone I have worked with or partnered with, and I enjoy all of their company. I appreciate everyone being here.”

Wright said she chose the venue because the Edmonds Center for the Arts is an organization she works with at the county level. “Partnerships are really important to me,” she said.

John Lovick at Stephanie Wright's campaign kickoff
Washington State Representative John Lovick speaking at Stephanie Wright’s campaign kickoff event.

Wally Webster II has been a resident of Lynnwood for 41 years and is a supporter of Wright. “She has represented the area extremely well, just like she did on the Lynnwood City Council in the past,” Webster said. “If you’re looking for a candidate that has political and personal integrity as well as someone who is forward-thinking and transparent, Stephanie Wright is who you should vote for.”

Wally Webster
Stephanie Wright speaking with Lynnwood resident Wally Webster at her campaign kickoff.

When asked what was next on the campaign trail, Wright said, “Doorbelling. Lots and lots of doorbelling.”

To learn more about Wright and her campaign, visit www.stephwright.com.

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  • Can’t wait for the doorbell.

    “Tell me what you know about the U.S. Constitution.”


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