Robots, Virtual Reality and more at Space Quest


As a part of the Explore Summer program, the Lynnwood Library welcomed children to participate in Space Quest from Idea Hatch on July 15.

Nathalie Gelms, Youth Librarian at the Lynnwood Library, and Heidi Larsen from Idea Hatch made sure all the stations ran smoothly. Some of the stations included controlling a rover-like robot to pick up meteorites, virtual reality headsets that showed aspects of space and multiple activities relating to weather and the atmosphere.

Becky, an attendant at the event, has lived in Lynnwood for about 30 years. “We had an afternoon, and my son found the event online,” she said. “We usually put library events on our calendar; we come here all the time.” She hoped that children at the event walked away with a different perspective on something they may already know a little about.

“I love to spark curiosity. When I see kids making discoveries on their own, just by playing and exploring, I know their curiosity is sparked and they’ll keep on learning. It’s their knowledge now,” Larsen said. “They discovered it, and now they want to build on it, and find out more.” She hoped children left the event with a lifelong curiosity and awe for our world and comfort with not knowing everything, and with trying things out.

Gelms spoke a bit on the accessibility of events like these. “Many times, [the children] may never have otherwise discovered these things if they were not available to them here for free,” she said. “No matter what type of program we host for kids here at the library, we want them to walk away with a sense of excitement, be it STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), art or reading and writing. We want them to know that learning is fun!” For more information on upcoming events at the Lynnwood Library, go to Visit for more information on Larsen and Idea Hatch.

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