Meet Claudia Kuniholm, your local Real Estate Agent

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Claudia Kuniholm is a local real estate agent who has lived in Lynnwood for over 20 years, and before that, she lived in North Seattle. Needless to say, she knows the area well.

Kuniholm is on her sixth year of being a real estate agent. “I got into real estate because I heard stories of folks who have had a lot of difficulties with agents,” she said. “I’m a people person, so I decided it would be good work for me.”

“Anyone in the business needs to enjoy working with people and understand that everybody is a little bit different,” Kuniholm said. “It’s important to be flexible and listen to each person’s individual needs.”

Kuniholm particularly enjoys helping seniors because she has heard a lot of stories of seniors being taken advantage of by agents. For example, she helped sell her mom’s house who was originally being taken advantage of.

Before real estate, Kuniholm spent some time working in retail as well as working as a Corporate Credit and Collections Manager, which she still does in the mornings. “Since I’ve worked on commercial credit, I understand the ins and outs of credit,” Kuniholm said.

Her message to the person who is looking for an agent is that she will go the extra mile.

“For sellers, I’ve done things from cleaning their house, washing their windows, helping them pack, staging… I do work with a lot of seniors, and those can be burdensome things for them,” she said. “For buyers, I help them; I’ve had some where it has taken them two or three years before they can buy. I help them with their credit, and I stick with them.” To contact Claudia Kuniholm, visit or email her at

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