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Candidates file for 2020 election

by Luke Putvin | Lynnwood Times Staff

Filing for the 2020 Primary Election closed today, May 15, at 4:00 P.M. All current elected officials representing Lynnwood in Legislative District 21, Legislative District 32, Legislative District 44, County Council Pos. 4 and Congressional District 2 will be facing opposition.

LD21 State Representative Position 1 is currently held by Strom Peterson (D) who has filed for reelection. Gant Diede (D) and Brian Thompson (R) will be running against him.

LD21 State Representative Position 2 is currently held by Lilian Ortiz-Self (D) who has filed for reelection. Amy Schaper (R) and Willie Russell (states no party preference) will be opposing her.

LD32 State Representative Position 1 is currently held by Cindy Ryu (D) who is running for reelection. Running against her are Keith Smith (D) and Shirley Sutton (D).

LD32 State Representative Position 2, currently held by Lauren Davis (D), will see competition from Tamara Smilanich (Non-partisan) and Gray Peterson (D).

LD44 State Representative Position 1, currently held by John Lovick (D), will see competition from John T. Kartak (R).

LD44 State Representative Position 2 was held by Rep. Jared Mead (D) but vacated earlier this year when Mead was appointed to Council Council Pos. 4. Running for this position are:

  • Mark A. James (R)
  • April Berg (D)
  • Anne Anderson (D)

County Council Position 4 is currently held by Rep. Jared Mead (D), will see competition from:

  • Amber King (D)
  • Delia O’Malley (I)
  • Brenda Carrington (R)

Congressional District 2 is currently held by U.S. Representative Rick Larsen (D). Running against Larsen are:

  • Timothy S. Hazelo (R)
  • Tim Uy (R)
  • Kari Ilonummi (R)
  • James Dean Golder (R)
  • Carrie R. Kennedy (R)
  • Cody Hart (R)
  • Jason Call (D)

To see a full list of those who filed for election including other legislative districts, judges and PCOs, visit www.snohomishcountywa.gov/224/Elections-Voter-Registration.

Additionally, 37 individuals have filed to run for governor and 12 individuals have filed to run for lieutenant governor.

For statewide races visit: https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/candidates/online-candidate-filing.aspx

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