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Renovation and expansion begins at St. Thomas More Church

By Erin Freeman | Lynnwood Times Staff

Lynnwood’s St. Thomas More Church is undergoing an upgrade that will allow its church community to feel more connected to their worship.

Originally built in 1966 as a gymnasium, an upgrade has been planned for years, with the intent to one day build a new church in the building’s place. However, given economic circumstances, the church opted for a renovation and expansion plan instead.

Dick Pyle, Project Manager of new construction for St. Thomas More Parish, says that due to the cost of new construction, the church decided to remodel the existing building, bringing it up to current standards.

“It’s a fairly plain building so we’re upgrading the interior, adding things to make it a little more church-like,” said Pyle.

Six weeks into construction, they’ve completed all of the demolition work, began electrical work on 60-year-old systems, and repair work is underway, says Pyle. There is not a concrete timeline for completion.

Setting out to cultivate an increased church-like feel, most of the remodel will be interior work, where the team will be adding to the church’s Narthex- an architectural element at the western entrance to the church, at the opposite end from the altar. The church will also be upgrading its entrance.

Pyle says that the remodeling will primarily provide the St. Thomas Church community with an upgraded worship space.

“We’re looking forward to this more beautiful worship space,” said Pyle. “Again, this is something that’s been in the plan for many years, and it’s just rewarding to see it come to fruition and have people be able to enjoy the new environment.” 

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