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Potential new Race and Social Justice Coordinator in 2021, salary schedule, budget amendments, and fees

By Noel Pai-Young | Lynnwood Times Staff

A wide array of topics were discussed by the council at its December 7 work session.

Patrick Decker was introduced as a candidate for a position on the Civil Service Commission. Decker has served on the Planning Commission for six years and is actively involved in Cops and Clergy, a program that seeks to bridge the gap between the police and religious leaders in the community.

City Finance Director, Sonja Springer, reviewed budget amendments and cost of living increases in the labor unions and police bargaining agreements.

“It’s just what it is. It’s a salary schedule,” said Springer.

There was some confusion by councilmembers on allocating monies for a Race and Social Justice Coordinator.

“I thought it was pretty clear… that we wanted to hold back on the Race and Social Justice Coordinator until… we were able to get the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission to be doing a little bit more research,” said council member Jim Smith.

Springer clarified that it was decided that the position was delayed but that the incorporation of the salary is built-in for when it is decided to fill that position. 

“…in this economy… I just get the feeling that overall, this is being slipped in here and we will have zero control in the future. And we don’t even know what it’s supposed to do… We haven’t really done any research,” Smith said.

Council Vice President Shannon Sessions added that it is placed in for potential future use so that it’s ready if they do move forward with it.

“I would hope by our next meeting, we would have the minutes for (November) 23rd that would have the motions that amended the budget because then it could be a little clearer… as what we’re doing with the Race and Social Justice Coordinator position,” said council member George Hurst.

The Director of Economic Development, David Kleitsch, addressed an ordinance regarding the Department of Development and Business Services (DBS) that has been in progress since November of this year.

Under the ordinance, the Human Services Commission will be moved out of DBS over to be under Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts. The ordinance was put in place to amend the LMC (Lynnwood Municipal Court) regarding the funding of the Economic Development Infrastructure Fund (EDIF) by changing the allocation of revenues to the EDIF.

The largest amendment for the 2020 budget was for $1.4 million that was to pay for the Community Justice Center, followed by $1.18 million to be allocated from the CARES Act.

They wrapped up the meeting with briefly addressing the Salary Commission when Frizzell shared that she spent time with the Lynnwood City Attorney Larson to draft up an ordinance for that in an upcoming session.

A recording of the meeting can be found on the City of Lynnwood’s website here.

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