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Community asked to help stop vaccine appointment and surplus rumors

By Snohomish Health District | Press Release

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash., March 26, 2021 – Everyone can help vaccination efforts go smoothly by seeking and sharing reliable information about vaccination sites, appointments and eligibility.

Rumors circulated this week that sites were administering surplus doses to anyone. Those rumors are false. Doses administered at the sites are not surplus. Appointments continue to fill when they are available. 

All Snohomish County Vaccine Taskforce mass vaccination sites are for those who are eligible in the phased approach to vaccination. Check if you are not sure if you’re eligible and to get verification. The mass vaccination sites do perform spot checks for eligibility and people without verification can be turned away at the site.

The list of who is eligible has been expanding, and by May 1 all adults are expected to be eligible. Please be patient. We know the wait can be frustrating.

People who are eligible can sign up for vaccination appointments using the links under “Register” at When new appointments are open for online registration, updates also are posted to the Snohomish Health District and Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management social media channels.

Some of the links circulated this week also were specifically for second doses. Unfortunately, they were shared with inaccurate information suggesting anyone could sign up for a first dose. The taskforce sent emails to those who booked appointments and shared updates via social media and to the call center to inform people to cancel appointments if they mistakenly signed up for a first dose. Hundreds of people were turned away from the vaccination site in Arlington because they arrived for a first dose at a second dose only clinic. This slowed down operations, and it was understandably frustrating for those asked to leave without a shot. 

Second doses are requested and received based on first doses administered, so it is crucial that these designated second doses go toward fully vaccinating people who received their first shot.

While sharing a second dose clinic link with friends or family who need first doses may be tempting, as may sharing posts or messages you see about surplus doses, please be cautious with what you share. Misinformation hinders vaccination efforts.  

Please also remember that the PrepMod system is for appointment registration. It does not serve as eligibility verification. People should check their eligibility using and also refer to eligibility information provided on the mass vaccination webpage and in the PrepMod clinic information before signing up for appointments. Bring verification of eligibility to the appointment (i.e., your Phase Finder confirmation), as you may be asked to provide it.

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