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Transportation3/29/2021 1:30 PM

Public Hearing:

1.   EHB 1049 – Concerning the off-site delivery of a vehicle by a vehicle dealer licensed under chapter 46.70 RCW. (Remote testimony.)

2.   SHB 1223 – Enacting the uniform electronic recordation of custodial interrogations act. (Remote testimony.)

3.   E2SHB 1287 – Concerning preparedness for a zero emissions transportation future. (Remote testimony.)

Ways & Means3/29/2021 1:30 PM

Executive Session:

1.   SB 5092 – Making 2021-2023 fiscal biennium operating appropriations.

2.   E3SHB 1091 – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuel.

3.   E2SHB 1099 – Improving the state’s climate response through updates to the state’s comprehensive planning framework. (If measure is referred to committee.)


Transportation3/30/2021 1:30 PM

Executive Session:

1.   SHB 1207 – Improving access to department of licensing issued documents by extending the issuance period of driver licenses and identicards to eight years, allowing online issuance and renewal of instruction permits, and expanding online renewal of driver licenses and identicards.

2.   SHB 1322 – Addressing off-road vehicle and snowmobile registration enforcement.

3.   EHB 1251 – Concerning the authorization of wheeled all-terrain vehicles on state highways.

4.   HB 1198 – Concerning the state commercial aviation coordinating commission.

5.   SHB 1502 – Concerning the procurement and design of electric ferries by counties.

6.   SHB 1301 – Providing expanded options for fare enforcement by regional transit authorities.

7.   SHB 1379 – Establishing an unpiloted aircraft system state coordinator and program funding source.

8.   ESHB 1457 – Facilitating the installation of broadband facilities on limited access highways.

9.   ESHB 1529 – Modifying requirements in order to pay for debt service obligations when toll revenues are not sufficient to cover legal obligations.

10.   SHB 1137 – Elevating road maintenance and preservation in transportation planning.

Ways & Means3/30/2021 1:30 PM

Public Hearing:

1.   ESHB 1297 – Concerning working families tax exemption. (Remote testimony.)

2.   E2SHB 1504 – Modifying the workforce education investment act. (Remote testimony.)

3.   ESHB 1273 – Concerning menstrual products in schools. (Remote testimony.)

4.   ESHB 1267 – Concerning investigation of potential criminal conduct arising from police use of force, including custodial injuries, and other officer-involved incidents. (Remote testimony.)

5.   E2SHB 1310 – Concerning permissible uses of force by law enforcement and correctional officers. (Remote testimony.)

6.   ESHB 1140 – Concerning juvenile access to attorneys when contacted by law enforcement. (Remote testimony.)

7.   2SHB 1219 – Concerning the appointment of counsel for youth in dependency court proceedings. (Remote testimony.)

8.   E2SHB 1073 – Expanding coverage of the paid family and medical leave program. (Remote testimony.)

9.   2SHB 1076 – Allowing whistleblowers to bring actions on behalf of the state for violations of workplace protections. (Remote testimony.)

10.   E2SHB 1227 – Protecting the rights of families responding to allegations of abuse or neglect of a child. (Remote testimony.)

11.   E2SHB 1186 – Concerning juvenile rehabilitation. (Remote testimony.)

12.   SHB 1225 – Concerning school-based health centers. (Remote testimony.)

13.   2SHB 1173 – Concerning state lands development authorities. (Remote testimony.)

14.   E2SHB 1050 – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fluorinated gases. (Remote testimony.)

15.   E2SHB 1216 – Concerning urban and community forestry. (Remote testimony.)

16.   SHB 1355 – Concerning noxious weeds. (Remote testimony.)


Ways & Means3/31/2021 1:30 PM

Public Hearing:

1.   E2SHB 1365 – Procuring and supporting appropriate computers and devices for public school students and instructional staff. (Remote testimony.)

2.   SHB 1166 – Expanding access to the homeless and foster care college students pilot program. (Remote testimony.)

3.   SHB 1016 – Making Juneteenth a legal holiday. (Remote testimony.)

4.   ESHB 1267 – Concerning investigation of potential criminal conduct arising from police use of force, including custodial injuries, and other officer-involved incidents. (Remote testimony.)

5.   E2SHB 1117 – Promoting salmon recovery through revisions to the state’s comprehensive planning framework. (Remote testimony.) (If measure is referred to committee.)

6.   ESHB 1241 – Planning under the growth management act. (Remote testimony.) (If measure is referred to committee.)

7.   ESHB 1232 – Planning for affordable housing under the growth management act. (Remote testimony.) (If measure is referred to committee.)

8.   SHB 1218 – Improving health, safety, and quality of life for residents in long-term care facilities. (Remote testimony.) (If measure is referred to committee.)

9.   EHB 1471 – Concerning community preservation and development authorities. (Remote testimony.) (If measure is referred to committee.)

10.   SB 5476 – Addressing the State v. Blake decision. (Remote testimony.)


Ways & Means4/1/2021 1:30 PM

Public Hearing:

1.   2SHB 1325 – Implementing policies related to children and youth behavioral health. (Remote testimony.)

2.   E2SHB 1086 – Creating the state office of behavioral health consumer advocacy. (Remote testimony.)

3.   E2SHB 1139 – Taking action to address lead in drinking water. (Remote testimony.)

4.   SHB 1508 – Concerning the sanitary control of shellfish. (Remote testimony.)

5.   SHB 1279 – Modifying the Washington main street program tax incentive to respond to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Remote testimony.)

6.   2SHB 1033 – Concerning the Washington customized employment training program. (Remote testimony.)

7.   HB 1119 – Notifying students of courses with low-cost instructional materials and open educational resources at the four-year institutions of higher education. (Remote testimony.)

8.   E2SHB 1194 – Strengthening parent-child visitation during child welfare proceedings. (Remote testimony.)

9.   2SHB 1061 – Concerning youth eligible for developmental disability services who are expected to exit the child welfare system. (Remote testimony.)

10.   HB 1167 – Concerning Thurston county superior court judges. (Remote testimony.)

11.   E2SHB 1382 – Streamlining the environmental permitting process for salmon recovery projects. (Remote testimony.)

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