ESD March Students of the Month

Congratulations to the high school students selected as on of March’s Students of the Month!  If you have been selected to be one of the future Students of the Month and need to complete the questionnaire, click here.

Edmonds eLearning Academy

Emma Gorman - Edmonds eLearning Academy
Emma Gorman – Edmonds eLearning Academy

Student’s name: Emma Gorman
Mother’s name: Kama Gorma
Father’s name: Dai Gorman
Interests: I’m interested in travel.
Community Service: I’ve been a part of many school fundraisers, gift wrapping, car washes, babysitting, and summer camps.
Education Goals: I hope to find a passion outside of school.
Career Goals: I hope to find a career path after high school through experience.

Edmonds Heights K-12

Siraj Dabbagh - Edmonds Heights K-12
Siraj Dabbagh – Edmonds Heights K-12

Student’s name: Siraj Dabbagh
Mother’s name: Souha Hallak
Father’s name: Mustapha Dabbagh
GPA: 3.6
Clubs & Activities: Explorer prep internship
Current Employment: T-Mobile Internship
Educational Goals: Software engineering degree
Career Goals: Software Engineer

Emily Doak - Edmonds Heights K-12
Emily Doak – Edmonds Heights K-12

Student Name: Emily Doak
Mother’s name: Anna Doak
Father’s name: Randy Doak
GPA: 3.9
Clubs & Activities: Ballet
Honors: Honors College at Shoreline Community College (Running Start)
Educational Goals: University of Washington
Career Goals: A science related field

Edmonds-Woodway High

Mirian Ramos - Edmonds-Woodway High
Mirian Ramos – Edmonds-Woodway High

Student Name: Mirian Ramos
Mother’s name: Teresa Ramos
Father’s name: Maer Garcia
GPA: 3.3
Clubs & Activities: Tutoring club
Awards: Student of the month
Community Service: Helping at College Place Elementary School
Current Employment: Romeo’s pizza
Educational Goals: To go to medical school
Career Goals: To work as a cardiologist or in forensic medicine
Anything else we should know? I am from El Salvador. I have been in the U.S. for almost two years. I’m a student in the ELL program at Edmonds-Woodway High School. My first language is Spanish. I am now in level 2. I like to go running in my free time.

Steele Swinton - Edmonds-Woodway High
Steele Swinton – Edmonds-Woodway High

Student Name: Steele Swinton
Mother’s name: Lisa Swinton
Father’s name: Oscar Swinton
GPA: 3.88
Clubs & Activities: Black Student Union, National Honors Society
Athletics: Football, Basketball, Track
Awards: First Team All-Wesco Running back
Community Service: Teach ASL to 3rd and 4th graders an hour each week
Educational Goals: To go to a four-year university

Lynnwood High

Manan Vasdev - Lynnwood High
Manan Vasdev – Lynnwood High

Student name: Manan Vasdev
Mother’s name: Sunita Vasdev
Father’s name: Ravinder Vasdev
GPA: 3.99
Clubs & Activities: Chamber Orchestra, Tri-M, Key Club, FBLA, Cascade Youth Symphony Orchestra
Educational Goals: Attend a four-year university and study business.

Hannah Tang - Lynnwood High
Hannah Tang – Lynnwood High

Student Name: Hannah Tang
Mother’s Name: Cynthia Cheng
Father’s Name: Trung Tang
GPA: 3.96
Clubs & Activities: Photography Club (Vice President)
Athletics: Varsity Swim Team (Captain) and Track & Field
Awards: Edmonds Art Festival Award (Photography); Scholastic Arts and Writing Gold Key Award (Photography); Scholastic Arts and Writing Silver Key Award (Photography);
Scholastic Arts and Writing Honorable Mention Award (Photography)
Educational Goals: I plan to study at a four-year university and graduate with a bachelor’s degree.
Career Goals: Business or Engineering

Meadowdale High

Quinn Bennett - Meadowdale High
Quinn Bennett – Meadowdale High

Student’s name: Quinn Bennett
Mother’s name: Julie Bennett
Father’s name: Brad Bennett
GPA: 4.0
Clubs & Activities: Book Club (President), Environmental Club (President), LINK, Member of Edmonds School District Superintendent Student Advisory Board, Member of Association of Washington Student Leaders Student Voice and Advisory Council ASB
Athletics: Spirit Squad
Honors: National Honor Society
Community Service: I volunteer at Willow Creek Salmon Hatchery & Education Center.
Significant School Project: Starting the Book Club this year. It has been so amazing connecting with other readers and challenging myself through experiencing different perspectives from a diverse range of authors.
Current Employment: No official job, but I dog walk every week.
Educational Goals: I plan to pursue a major in marketing with a minor in English at a four-year university. While I haven’t gotten all of my decisions back yet, there’s a high chance that I will attend the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. My biggest goal is to take full advantage of the opportunities college will provide me with.
Career Goals: Upon entering the workforce, my dream is to secure a job that will allow me to work from anywhere in the world. To elaborate, I plan to become a digital nomad, working from my computer while being completely location-independent. Later in life I might attend graduate school to obtain a master’s degree in Library Science so I can become a librarian!

Anatolii Systuk - Meadowdale High
Anatolii Systuk – Meadowdale High

Student name: Anatolii Systuk
Mother’s name: Galyna Systuk
Father’s name: Anatolii Systuk
GPA: 3.65

Mountlake Terrace High

Heather Miles - Mountlake Terrace High
Heather Miles – Mountlake Terrace High

Student name: Heather Miles
Mother’s name: Shawna Miles
Father’s name: Clinton Miles
GPA: 3.65952
Clubs & Activities: Hawk Broadcast Network (HBN) & Honor Society
Honors: AP AB Calculus, AP Physics, AP American Government and Politics, Honors STEM English 12, Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Language and Composition, AP US History, Honors Humanities, Honors Algebra 2, Honors Geometry, Honors Chemistry, Honors Biology, Honors World History, Honors 9th Grade English.
Community Service: Helping sell DVDs at graduation; being a counselor for STEM camp for two years.
Significant School Project: A toy that helps kids learn to spell.
Educational Goals: I plan to go into Community college for two years, then go to a specialized school or program oriented around what I want to do.
Career Goals: Teacher, politician, director, marketing, HR, producer, government administration.
Anything else we should know? I love cats, spiders, and math. I have great teachers who help me. Amazing friends who support me. As well as an awesome family who is always there for me.

Skyler Knight - Mountlake Terrace High
Skyler Knight – Mountlake Terrace High

Student name: Skyler Knight
Mother’s name: Camille Knight
Father’s name: Dustin Knight
GPA: 3.8
Clubs & Activities: ASB
ASB: Executive ASB Secretary
Current Employment: Mr. Kleen Car Wash
Educational Goals: Acceptance to the University of Washington
Future Career Goals: Law

Scriber Lake High

Elysia Prado - Scriber Lake High

Student name: Elysia Prado
Mother’s name: Kori Brown

Project SEARCH

David Hall - Project SEARCH
David Hall – Project SEARCH

Student name: David Hall
Mother’s name: Kim Hall
Father’s name: James Hall
Clubs & Activities: I used to do the Hang Out club in high school.
Athletics: I participated in basketball and soccer in the Special Olympics.
Awards: I received the John Campo award for dedication in 2019. My senior year of high school, I was elected Homecoming Prince. I am also certified in Microsoft PowerPoint. In middle school I made it to the National Junior Honor Society.
Significant School Project: During Zoom classes for Project SEARCH, we created our own businesses.
Educational Goals: I want to go to either Edmonds Community College or Shoreline Community College to take classes in security operations.
Career Goals: I would like to work doing something in security.
Anything else we should know? I like to practice computer programs in different languages. I like to play video games. I like to listen to music. I like to create video game modifications. I recently started walking and it’s hard but I will eventually enjoy it. I am very dedicated to my internship at Swedish-Edmonds Hospital in security.

VOICE Transition Program

Sophie Paynich - VOICE Transition Program
Sophie Paynich – VOICE Transition Program

Student’s name: Sophie Paynich
Mother’s name: Emily Paynich
Father’s name: John Paynich
Clubs & Activities: Transition Club
Community Service: Not yet.
Educational Goals: Courtesy clerk
Career Goals: A party princess (Disney)
Anything else we should know? I love cats and baby dolls

Congratulations on being selected as one of March’s Students of the Month! 

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