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121 crimes reported to LPD, burglaries tops list

LYNNWOOD, Wash., July 31, 2021 – A total of 121 crimes were reported to the Lynnwood Police Department, with theft within chain stores leading the list of crimes for the week of July 18-25 in Lynnwood. Stores such as Walmart, Costco and Walgreens are among some of the places where incidents occurred. There has also been an increase of thefts from porches, mailboxes, and cars.

Other reported cases include death, overdose and carrying dangerous weapons.

LPD Video Week in Review: July 30th, 2021. Source: Lynnwood Police YouTube channel.

Gun assault over a car trade in Alderwood

On July 18 at 8:26 p.m., two men arguing over a car trade ended with a firearm pointed in a threatening manner. The incident happened at the Alderwood Mall parking lot near Cheesecake Factory, and no one was harmed.

According to the police report, the victim met the alleged assailant in Tacoma where they drove north to test drive the white Mustang. The vehicle ran out of gas near Alderwood Mall where they pushed the car into the Cheesecake Factory parking lot. The victim told police that the man who drove up with him from Tacoma attempted to take the car at gunpoint.

Police apprehended the suspect where he was identified by the victim.

The alleged assailant told police that he was trying to buy the vehicle but after the test drive the other man began to “twitch” and later fight him. Knowing the car owner’s mental condition, the alleged assailant walked away. The police officer states in the report that the car owner confirmed that he has mental health issues.

After completing the investigation, the police officer concluded he had multiple accounts of the incident with conflicting information. The alleged victim was not confident in the location of the incident, who was in the vehicle, or how both men drove from Tacoma to Lynnwood with the vehicle.

The alleged assailant claimed to have known the car owner and his sister for approximately 6 years.

The Lynnwood police officer contacted the Tacoma PD about the incident, but they didn’t have any local information about the two parties involved.

Man trapped in a public storage complex

Responding to a suspicious circumstance on July 23, LPD found a man trapped inside a public storage complex near 196th street.

Approaching the gate, officers saw a white male attempting to break the door lock from the inside of the storage complex in order to leave the premises. The man’s vehicle was parked outside the gate with the engine running.

The man initially told officers that he was trying to get out of the complex after being trapped inside. However, upon further questioning the man’s story consistently changed.

He told police he had the code to get into the premises and was there fixing the gate. Then he told officers he was at the location with two friends but now couldn’t get ahold of them. Lastly, he said his girlfriend had a unit at the location, and she had a key to one of the units but didn’t know where she was.

Police officers looked around the premises but didn’t find any signs of forced entry and were unable to determine if the man gained access into any of the storage units.   

According to the report, Lynnwood PD got ahold of the storage complex’s owner or manager of the location who declined to press charges against the alleged trespasser.

The door lock was damaged which the storage facility will repair.

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