Japanese Gulch Creek daylighting design event

MUKILTEO, Wash., August 6, 2021 – On Saturday, August 14, from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. at Lighthouse Park, the City will have an informational display pop-up booth about the Japanese Gulch Creek Daylighting project.  Community members are welcome to stop by anytime to look at the latest design drawings and ask questions about the project.

The Japanese Gulch Creek Daylighting project is located on a vacant parcel immediately east of the new Washington State Ferry terminal.  Historically, this property was an undeveloped pocket estuary featuring near shore habitat.  Waters from Japanese Gulch Creek flowed down from the hillside into the estuary and then entered Puget Sound.  When the US Department of Defense fuel tank farm was constructed approximately 70 years ago, the Japanese Gulch Creek estuary was filled and rip rap installed.  Creek waters that had flowed to this estuary were diverted into a pipe.

Jennifer Gregerson
Jennifer Gregerson, Mayor of Mukilteo

“Restoration of the Japanese Gulch Creek estuary is a centerpiece of our waterfront transformation,” said Mayor Jennifer Gregerson.  “We have long planned to recreate the historic estuary and improve this salmon habitat, through our Waterfront Redevelopment Master Plan, Shoreline Plan, Japanese Gulch Master Plan, and our Parks, Recreation Open Space and Arts Plan.”

Consistent with this vision, the current project design seeks to restore the site and emulate the estuary that was once there, improve shoreline habitat for fish and other species, and integrate design elements sensitive to the location’s cultural significance.   A portion of the waterfront promenade, envisioned to stretch across the entire waterfront, is incorporated into the project’s design to enhance waterfront pedestrian mobility and shoreline public access.

Design of the project is to be completed by the end of this year. The City will continue to pursue grant funding for construction in a future year.

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