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History’s Mysteries: What happened to Centennial Sam?

MONROE, Wash., August 24, 2021 – Learn about local history while you wander the Evergreen State Fair! From August 26-September 15, 2021, you can play an educational game at the fair park.

The Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission has come up with this game to challenge and entertain you while you enjoy the 2021 Evergreen State Fair. The History’s Mysteries game combines smartphones, mysteries and video games into a fun family challenge.

Follow the protagonist Sam Broadwith (Centennial Sam) as he tries to start a new life in Snohomish County during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Learn some local history in an engaging way and try to solve the mystery of his disappearance.

Use your smartphone to access clues and answer questions as you explore the fair. Answer all the questions and collect seven badges and you can enter to win the latest XBox console – the XBox Series X! There is also an activity for kids 3-8 years old that doesn’t require a smart phone starting at building administration building #405.

Commemorative prizes will be distributed to everyone who participates. You can also play for a week after the fair is over by accessing the fair park and checking in at administration building #405. Grab your phone and put on your detective hats!

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