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ESD: October Students of the Month

Edmonds eLearning Academy

Student Name: Savvy Mau
Parents’ names: Chanda Lek and Michael Mau
Interests: I love to read and watch movies. I believe that the best thing in life is to constantly learn and keep your brain active.
Employment: I am currently a hostess at Olive Garden. Before I went full-time to EeLA, I would volunteer through my former high school’s Key Club. I regularly helped out with an organization that provided clothing for children in need called Clothes for Kids.
Education Goals: I would like to attend a community college or university for two years and then transfer to University of Southern California (USC) to receive a BA in Television and Film Production.
Career Goals: I would like to become a film producer.

Edmonds Heights K-12

Student Name: Chayton Remle
Parents’ names: Matt and Rebecca Remle
GPA: 4.0
Clubs & Activities: Red Eagle Soaring (native youth acting program), UNEA youth council member, and currently a Running Start student at North Seattle Community College.
Significant School Project: Helped designate Licton Springs as the first natural landmark in King County with UNEA youth group.
Employment: Is working as a participant of Na’ah Illahee.
Educational Goals: Working towards a degree and career in engineering or physics.
Career Goals: Working on building megastructures (a massive construction or structure that is relatively complex).
Anything else we should know? Oglala and Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux.

Student Name: Finn Paynich
Parents’ names: John and Emily Paynich
Clubs & Activities: Edmonds Youth Commission, Advanced Musical Theater, Boundless Washington, dance classes at Village Theater, SOAR Club member
Honors: Honor roll at Edmonds College, International Thespian Society
Community Service: Beach cleanup with Edmonds Youth Commission, tree planting at Meadowdale Beach Park
Educational Goals: Attending Cornish College of the Arts
Career Goals: A career in the performing arts

Edmonds-Woodway High

Student Name: Phillip Borchert
Parents’ names: Dianne and Paul Borchert
GPA: 3.9675, Part-time running start and Partial IB student
Clubs & Activities: TEDx @ Yost Park event arranging, EWHS Link Crew, Photography
Athletics: Varsity Captain on Edmonds Woodway High School Soccer, Club Soccer at FC Edmonds, snowboarding, hiking, lifting
Honors: Member of National Honor Society, Edmonds College Honor Roll
Awards: Scholastic Art Awards Silver Key Recipient
Community Service: I volunteer at The Edmonds Food Bank on Mondays.
Educational Goals: Bachelor of Science degree
Anything else we should know? I’m very thankful for my close relationship with my family and grandparents. I also love food as well as trying new food. Shout out to all of my teachers, librarians, and counselors (Mr. C) for all of their support.

Student Name: Alex Weber
Parents’ names: Kathryn and David Weber
GPA: 3.854
Clubs & Activities: Jazz band (section leader,) wind symphony (section leader,) Environmental activism club (EAC), Tri-M, Lessons for all, private trombone lessons
ASB: Instructional council
Athletics: soccer (varsity and JV as a goalkeeper)
Honors: National Honor Society, partial IB and partial running start.
Community Service: Lessons for all, three Puget Soundkeeper cleanups, two EAC beach cleanups, pep band
Current Employment: Pet/house sitter. I also have an art commission business but it’s just starting out and I have less than 10 projects completed so far.
Educational Goals: Four-year college or university, most likely the University of Washington, Wellesley, Western or UC San Diego.
Career Goals: Still undeclared, but considering marine science, counselling psychology, business/project management or graphic design. I plan to apply for a minimum wage job in the next few weeks (I was waiting to turn 18, and my birthday was last weekend) for workforce experience.

Lynnwood High

Student Name: Veronica Rilling
Parents’ names: Rosana and Matthew Rilling
GPA: 3.95
Clubs & Activities: This year, I decided to participate in Key Club and National Honor Society, which will help me make a difference in my communities through volunteer work and other projects, while still making new friends and having fun!
Athletics: I’m a starting center midfielder for the Girls Varsity Soccer team, which is sadly coming to an end for this year. Later in the spring, I’ll be one of the managers for the boys soccer team.
Community Service: I volunteer at Rhody Ridge Arboretum, doing yard work and cleaning up. Soon, I’ll be doing more community service activities with Key Club and National Honor Society.
Educational Goals: I want to graduate with my bachelor’s of science from a four-year university, preferably University of Washington. I might want to continue on and earn my master’s.
Career Goals: I want a stable career that allows me the flexibility to travel and see the world. I also want to have a job that makes a positive impact on our society.
Anything else we should know? Something most people know about me is that I love my dog so much!

Student Name: Karla Navarro
Parents’ names: Maria and Carlos Navarro
Clubs & Activities: Orchestra
ASB: ASB Secretary, Leadership
Athletics: Cross Country and Softball
Honors: AP Literature and Composition, Honors Pre Calculus
Anything else we should know? I love to build community within the school and hope to leave Lynnwood with a sense of unity and a welcoming environment.

Meadowdale High

Student Name: Ethan Wright
Parents’ names: Mary and Mark Wright
GPA: 4.0
Clubs & Activities: Co-President of the Debate Club; singer in Impressions jazz choir
captain of the Drumline; Link Leader; National Honor Society.
Athletics: Varsity tennis
Awards: Team spirit – tennis; first place in fall 2021 Drumline competition
Community Service: Founder of Seniors Connect. During quarantine, the residents of Quail Park Senior Center were in lockdown, so I founded a program where Meadowdale High connected with the seniors in their community. We decided to donate cards to their living center so they could reach out to their friends and family members without having to leave the facility. We ended up donating around 650 cards.
Current Employment: I’m the P.I.C. (Person in charge) at Brown Bear Car Wash
Educational Goals: I would like to attend a four-year college to get my master’s degree.
Career Goals: I would like to get a master’s degree in either business or chemical engineering.

Student Name: Hazel Warner
Parents’ names: Angie McGuire and Brett Warner
GPA: 4.0
Clubs & Activities: LINK: coordinator for two years, link leader for three; member of the AWSL (Association of Washington Student Leaders) Student Voice and Advisory Council;
Gen Z Club: I’m a part of club leadership; social justice/activism club; National Honor Society member; Hi-Q member junior and senior years, captain my senior year; Battle of the Books competitor.
ASB: President senior year; freshman and sophomore years senator.
Athletics: Volleyball: two year varsity player; two year JV; varsity captain senior year
Tennis: JV captain junior year
Basketball: played freshmen and sophomore years; team captain freshmen year
Awards: MHS student of the month sophomore year; Rotary club student of the month junior year;JV Volleyball: Coaches Award – 2018; C-Team Basketball: Most Inspirational – 2018-2019
Community Service: Volunteer at Edmonds Food Bank during COVID-19 pandemic.
Current Employment: Tennis coach through Move60! (Edmonds School District)
Educational Goals: To attend a four-year university and possibly graduate school
Career Goals: Undecided

Mountlake Terrace High

Student Name: Marcos Esquivel

Student Name: Linaly Miyamoto
Parents’ names: Anh Duong and Robert Miyamoto
GPA: 3.88
Clubs & Activities: TSA, Hawkeye, TEMPO Yearbook
Future Career Goals: Intelligence analyst

Project SEARCH

Student Name: Daniel Bamford
Parents’ names: Kristina Wills and Keith Bamford
Athletics: I play soccer, baseball, basketball, and I want to play football.
Community Service: I volunteered at Annie’s Kitchen.
Significant School Project: I am an intern at Project SEARCH in Endoscopy recovery and transport.
Career Goals: I want to work on trucks.
Anything else we should know?I really enjoy being outside. I like to cook dinner and watch TV. I take my dog out and feed the cats. I enjoy going to the water park. I like to build legos.

Scriber Lake High

Student Name: Rory Gilbert
Parent’s name: Jackie Gilbert
Educational Goals: To go to Lake Washington Technical College
Career Goals: Being a Mortician
Anything else we should know? I really appreciate the nomination

Student Name: Mikaia (Wisteria) Ray
Parent’s names: Kristin and Steven Baxter
Clubs & Activities: Drama program at Meadowdale High
Employment: Babysitter
Educational Goals: Graduating High School
Career Goals: Becoming a wildlife rehabilitator
Anything else we should know? I’m genderqueer

VOICE Program

Student Name: Angel A Martinez-Huerta
Parents’ names: Maria Huerta and Jonathan Cruise
Clubs & Activities: Work with my dad and spending time with my family
Employment: WorkForce Development Center
Educational goals: To have job skill
Career Goals: To have my own company one day.

Link to September students of the month.

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