Melissa Taylor announces candidacy for 46th LD House seat

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SEATTLE, Wash. — On December 9, Melissa Taylor announced her candidacy for State Representative in the 46th Legislative District. A mom, small business owner, healthcare expert and community leader, Melissa is running for the open House seat because her neighbors cannot afford to wait for long overdue progress on solving our housing crisis, funding programs that will create true public safety, and reforming our tax code that burdens those who can least afford it. 

“After years spent working in public and private institutions and building grassroots coalitions from the ground up, I know how to bring people together to solve tough problems,” said Taylor. “I grew up in this city, I’m raising my family here, and I’m done waiting for others to deliver on the promises of a safe, fair, and thriving community that my neighbors and I know is possible.”

“In one of the wealthiest corners of one of the wealthiest countries, we can and must do better. We can shift the tax burden off of the backs of everyday people onto the ultra-rich and wealthy corporations who aren’t paying their fair share. We can create enough good jobs and affordable housing to make Seattle a place everyone can thrive. We can give every child a world-class education and ensure everyone has access to quality healthcare. I am a leader who will build coalitions and lead the fight until we get the job done,” Taylor said.

Melissa’s campaign has earned the support of accomplished legislators and leaders who know she will be an effective coalition builder in Olympia and an uncompromising advocate for Washington’s working families:

State Senator Lisa Wellman of the 41st Legislative District

“Melissa has a unique ability to see beyond a given conflict and identify the exact policy levers to pull to create real change in people’s lives,”said Senator Lisa Wellman. “Unlike many policy wonks who get lost in the weeds, I’ve always admired how Melissa reminds lawmakers to center the lived experience of the people we’re trying to help. After all, a program no one understands how to use won’t help anyone.”

State Representative Jamila Taylor of the 30th Legislative District

“I’ve been proud to count Melissa as a key ally and colleague in our time working together on more issues than I could name,” said Representative Jamila Taylor. “She possesses a rare combination of tenacity and uncompromising commitment to principles advancing the needs of the whole community. And that will make her an exceptionally effective legislator.”

State Representative April Berg of the 44th Legislative District

Rep. April Berg, D-44

“No one shows up to a stakeholder meeting, opportunity to testify before a committee, or even a canvass launch more prepared than Melissa Taylor. She works harder than anyone I know to not just understand the ins-and-outs of policy, but to truly grasp the perspectives of everyone in her coalition,” said Representative April Berg. “I couldn’t be more excited for Melissa’s campaign and I know her collaborative and compassionate approach will make her a champion for working families in the House.”

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