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Brackett’s Landing in Edmonds reopen to swimming and diving

EDMONDS, Wash., January 17, 2022 – Brackett’s Landing North and South beaches are now reopen to the public for recreational water activities. 

Due to heavy rainfall in recent days that caused above normal flow at the wastewater treatment plant, the Snohomish Health District had temporarily restricted recreational water activities in the Brackett’s Landing beach areas out of an abundance of caution.

The posted closure notices for both Brackett’s Landing North and South, including the Edmonds Underwater Park, have been removed. Marina Beach and the off-leash dog park further south were not impacted. 

Visit the Snohomish Health District’s website to learn more about how it works to protect the water quality of Snohomish County’s lakes, rivers and the Puget Sound waterfront. 

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