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Your April 2022 horoscope

With the world being such a challenging place these days – what with Covid, social divisions, very real threats of global warming and international hostilities leading to terrible wars and conflicts – it’s very easy for us to feel depressed, hopeless, and seemingly powerless to do anything to change things. At such times, the story of the murky water comes to my mind.

A man once had a barrel of mirky water. So, they dug deep into the water to see what made it so murky. However, a wise man saw this and advised them that by digging around in the water they were simply stirring it all up more and therefore making it more mirky. Instead, he advised, the man should pour clean water into the barrel, until the water eventually cleared itself. The man tried this and, low and behold, he found that by pouring in clean water the water in the barrel did indeed clear itself!

The story reminds us therefore that no matter what we do in this world, no amount of analysis, provocation, poking around with opinions, theories or demands will ever make it a better place. Instead, it will be by the simple pouring in of clean water – in other words, pure acts of kindness – that the waters will clear, and our world will become a better place.

For example, anyone who watched the ill-fated Oscars recently will have seen Lady Gaga (Sun in Aries, Moon in Scorpio) and Lisa Minelli (Sun in Pisces, Moon in Cancer) enter onto the stage together. Lisa was wheelchair bound and clearly overwhelmed by the moment, appearing terribly confused and uncomfortable in the process. Lady Gaga immediately saw this. So, she gently gripped Lisa’s arm, leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I’ve got you!” Lisa looked up to her and smiled, a deep trust in her eyes, and said “I know.” That beautiful moment was the kind of “pouring in of clean water” we all need to do. That Oscar moment touched our hearts far more than any of the other shenanigans that took place that night and will have a much more positive effect in our world if we let it.

Therefore, if we can each pour in a little clean water into our lives, and the lives of others around us, our world will clear, and all will become so much more positive eventually. Each of us have special skills to do this. So, perhaps this coming month, we should all attempt to pour some clean water into our lives, in those special ways that we are each especially capable of… 

April 2022 Horoscope by Sign


ARIES: With your Aries spirit, you were born with a strong sense of taking the initiative. This may prove impulsively troublesome at times, but it does separate you out as an individual with leadership skills who can get things done, if needed. Therefore, the best clean water you can pour in this month will be in the form of leadership, fearlessness and in demonstrating a pioneering spirit that will not stop until something worthwhile is achieved – especially when it is for the benefit of others.


TAURUS: With your Taurean spirit, you are capable of being warm, friendly, supportive and incredibly down-to-earth if you need to be. People may think you’re quite stubborn at times, but that’s simply because you can be indomitable when you get the bit between your teeth. Therefore, the best clean water you can pour in this month will be in the form of your comforting reliability, your steadfastness, and your loyalty – especially when it is for the benefit of others.   


GEMINI: With your Gemini spirit, you are best seen as a communicator, with a strong capability for versatility in all you do. This may open you up to being called somewhat of a chatterbox at times, but it does certainly make you the go-to person when people want to simply talk and be entertained. Consequently, the best clean water you can pour in this month will be in the form of verbal companionship, a talking through of problems and an offering of objectivity that can take all emotion out of a situation.  


CANCER: With your Cancerian spirit, you can be quite nurturing and caring. You may prove emotionally changeable at times, but this does at least show that you’re prepared to express yourself strongly in terms of your emotions and feelings – and in ways that others find it hard to express. Therefore, the best clean water you can pour in this month will be in the form of being sensitive to the needs of others, to care for their emotional needs and to be protective or nurturing of the ones that touch on your sympathies.   


LEO: With your Leonian spirit, you were born with the potential to turn heads and be noticed in this world. This may appear a little too overbearing at times, but it does separate you from the rest, in terms of your inherent confidence and leadership qualities. Therefore, the best clean water you can pour in this month will be in the form of your warmth, the confidence you can give others, as well as your strength of will in achieving something that others may not be capable of.


VIRGO: With your Virgo spirit, you were born with a strong sense of service to others, where attention to detail is especially required. This might appear as somewhat overcritical or nitpicking at times, but you are certainly the one that notices the small things that most other people tend to overlook. Therefore, the best clean water you can pour in this month will be to help someone who is in trouble, to work behind the scenes without acknowledgement, or to offer support and comfort – especially when others are suffering in some way.


LIBRA: With your Libran spirit, you were born with a strong sense of caution and objective balance. This may make you seem somewhat indecisive or hesitant to do anything at times, but it does mean that you will think of consequences first, before taking any action. Therefore, the best clean water you can pour in this month will be in the form of diplomacy, pouring oil on troubled waters and bringing harmony and beauty where there is discord and ugliness. 


SCORPIO: With your Scorpionic spirit, you were born with a strong sense of deep feelings and emotions. You may come across as too intense or compulsive at times, but that does at least mean that you care deeply about issues and will stop at nothing to right any wrongs you perceive. Therefore, the best clean water you can pour in this month will be in the form of showing prowess in digging under the surface of big issues, or of bravely delving into emotional matters that others might draw back from, or of a fearlessly speaking of truth to power when others are scared or unable to do so.    


SAGITTARIUS: With your Sagittarian spirit, you have a certain need to seek out knowledge, truth, and new experiences in life before anything else. This may make you appear somewhat restless, incautious or even dissipated at times, but it does at least show that you will not cease until a truth is known or a wrong is righted. Therefore, the best clean water you can pour in this month will be in the form of bringing new experiences to others, to offer faith and hope where this is none, or simply bring humor when spirits are low – especially when it is all done for a greater good.


CAPRICORN: With your Capricornian spirit, you were born with a strong sense of steadfastness and material stability. This may come across as being too materialistic or ambitious at times, but it does at least show that you are grounded and will work tirelessly in the long-term to achieve results. Therefore, the best clean water you can pour in this month will be in the form of bringing practicality and patience to a situation, for finding realistic answers to seemingly insolvable problems, or bringing prudence where there is none.


AQUARIUS: With your Aquarian spirit, you were born with a strong sense of objectivity, individuality and progressiveness. This may make you appear too idealistic, eccentric or radical at times, but that does at least show that you have an ability to think outside the box and embrace the diversity of individuals around you. Therefore, the best clean water you can pour in this month will be in the form of supporting the rights of others, for defending the defenseless (especially in the animal kingdom) and bringing a kind of scientific reason to others where there is none.


PISCES: With your Piscean spirit, you were born with a strong sense of loving, caring and a need to somehow transcend the harshness of this world. This may give other the impression of your being escapist, vulnerable or even confused at times, but it does indicate the deep sense of empathy and sympathy you can express when inspired. Therefore, the best clean water you can pour in this month will be in the form of showing compassion for those in need, for uplifting the spirits of others when there is despair, or for simply holding the hand of someone who has no-one else to do so.  

Apr 1st / Sun enters Aries: Whenever the Sun enters the vital energy that is Aries, it is a time to start new things, to pioneer new habits, or to boldly go where no-one has gone before. Consequently, this could be a great day to kickstart a new habit of pouring in clean water wherever it is needed.    

Apr 2nd / Sun conjunct Mercury & Chiron in Aries: With both the Sun and Mercury touching the energy that is defined as Chiron, this is a great time to get in touch with past issues – especially relating to parents or uncomfortable childhood experiences. Things you may have failed to deal with up until now. 

Apr 4th / Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius: Mars is a symbol of action and doing. Aquarius is a revolutionary energy of change. So, this could mark a great time for pushing on with something new and active in your life that the more conservative part of you would perhaps never have considered doing before. It does urge caution however for anything connected to electricity. 

Apr 10th / Mercury square Pluto: Pluto is a point of energy that focuses on deep psychological issues – i.e. things that lie deep beneath the surface. So, with Mercury representing communication, this could be a time to be careful of what you say, as it might cause offence. This is especially true if you have unresolved issues deep within yourself and someone triggers a memory of something you haven’t resolved quite yet in your life. 

Apr 12th / Jupiter conjunct Neptune: Jupiter and Neptune can be quite inspirational and otherworldly in terms of our mundane, everyday lives. Jupiter is more faith and expansion related, whereas Neptune is of a more spiritual or non-physical reality. Therefore, this suggests a period in time when you might look at your belief systems and develop a trust in a more positive aspect to your life. Whatever it is should not be irrational however, and therefore has to be open to testing before you adopt it. 

Apr 12th / Sun sextile Saturn: The exuberance of the Sun energy is somewhat tempered by the more conservative and heavy nature of Saturn. Therefore, this could be a time to get real about your life situations. Laying practical foundations for a further improvement in your life might be highlighted – or even encouraged – by this particular moment in time. 

Apr 18th / Mercury conjunct Uranus: Mercury is the energy that relates most to our minds and our method of thought and communication. The Uranus energy tends to shake things up and bring new and unusual expression. Therefore, this could be a day that you change your thinking about something, or even encourage you to think in new and more revolutionary ways. 

Apr 18th / Venus sextile Uranus: Similarly, as with the Mercury contact with Uranus above, the Venus energy here can very much represent change connected to the affections, to creative impulses, or the focus of your love life in some way. Therefore, in matters of the heart, or art, be prepare for the new, the unexpected and even the quite eccentric. This could be quite exhilarating for you if you go along for the ride – although you should make sure that at least one of your feet is firmly planted on solid ground before you start! 

Apr 18th / Sun square Pluto: Again, the deep and intense Pluto energy can bring a profound opportunity for the more free-flowing spirit to confront unresolved issues that come from deep within. If not dealt with at this time – and now would be a great time to deal with such things – they could fester and ferment deep within you and come back to haunt you with a greater vengeance later. 

Apr 24th / Mercury square Saturn: Again, the Saturn energy will tend to put the brakes on your thinking, or slow matters of communication or mental activity down somewhat. A good time therefore to structure firm foundations on how you think and how you might communicate in a more serious way with others in the future. 

Apr 27th / Venus conjunct Neptune: This could be a nice and flowing effect if it is recognized as such and consciously pursued. If you are a creative person, this could be a great day for new inspirations to take flight – especially through dreams, meditations or daydreamed imaginings. If you’re not a creative person, there is the chance that a new and very inspiring focus for your affections – or even a new significant other – might capture your heart. If nothing else, it’s a great time to take yourself to a more relaxing or inspirational environment. 

Apr 28th / Mercury trine Pluto: The month closes with another opportunity for us all to re-think deeper issues in our lives and psyche. Those in therapy might find it a great opportunity to open-up on something that’s been surfacing in their consciousness recently. On the other hand, life in general might just bring to us triggers than might make us think anew about the deeper issues within that are bothering us. 

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