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Your March 2022 horoscope

Although it’s hard to believe that the world is going in a positive direction right now, astrology does have some optimistic things to say about it this March.

The trickster energy, symbolized by the planet Uranus, may still have some surprises in store for us of course. However, with March kicking off with a New Moon in Pisces this month – and with this being conjunct with the jovial and ever giving Jupiter energy – we can only hope that fresh inspiration and a greater compassion will come to the fore when and as we need it. If this is not possible on a worldly scale, then it most certainly is possible in a personal sense – meaning we are all quite capable of taking responsibility for being much more positive in our lives and caring far more for our fellow human beings who are suffering.

March 2022 Horoscope by Sign

In many ways, the world is but a reflection of our inner selves. So, if we can but learn to love, care, and reach out with a greater compassion to those in our reach, then who knows how powerful those collective ripples may affect the greater scheme of things in the fulness of time.

Consequently, at this pivotal moment in our planet’s history, let us consider what we can do in our own lives that may be new to us, but can be a small, yet invaluable, part of the greater healing that our world needs so desperately right now. 


ARIES: The higher purpose of the Aries spirit is to LEAD, PIONEER, CONQUER FEARS and to INITIATE NEW ACTIVITIES. Therefore, at this critical time we look to you to show us how we can all be initiators of positive and powerful things that might change our lives, and the lives of others, for the better. It’s a time to take up the sword of reason – which you are so equipped to do – inspiring us all to do similarly at the same time.


TAURUS: The higher purpose of the Taurus spirit is to be RELIABLE, STEADFAST, LOYAL and to BUILD A MORE SECURE ENVIRONMENT for themselves and their loves ones. Taurus can also be a “voice” for others too – especially in terms of ORATORY or maybe even SINGING. Therefore, at this critical time, do consider that in your calm and collected way, you can help everyone find their true voice too – so that all can work in a more practical and solid way towards making the changes that our lives and our world need right now.   


GEMINI: The higher purpose of the Gemini spirit is to STUDY, LEARN, REASON and to COMMUNICATE NEW IDEAS with others. Therefore, at this critical time you need to be the communicators, the teachers and the speakers who can help us understand the needs of the world and the important lesson that only by sharing information and being honest with one another will a greater and more positive progress be made for us in our lives and on our planet.  A trouble shared is a troubled halved when all is said and done.  


CANCER: The higher purpose of the Cancerian spirit is to FEED, NURTURE, PROTECT and to BE SENSITIVE TO THE FEELINGS OF OTHERS. Therefore, at this critical time you need to show us how to nurture what we have and feed those who are lost and who hunger. We are after all one big earthly family and although conflict and strife can affect even the tightest of families, we need that influence of the caring adult in the room – to show us what we have and what we must preserve in the interests of family unity.   


LEO: The higher purpose of the Leo spirit is to INSPIRE, BRING WARMTH, DEMOSTRATE STRENGTH OF WILL and to SHOW PRIDE in work and deed. Therefore, at this critical time where we need good leadership, good inspiration to take us that one more step, that one more yard forward, to a greater peace. You are built for that. So, show us how we can be that too, as self-confidence and wise governance not an easy thing for us to learn on our own.


VIRGO: The higher purpose of the Virgo spirit is to ANALYZE, SHOW HUMILITY, DEAL WITH DETAILS and to SHOW EFFICIENCY IN THE HEALTH AND SERVICE OF OTHERS. Therefore, at this critical time you are the ones to teach us the value of service to one another, to take care of all the details, and even be the power behind the throne if needs be. Your humility needs to be our humility. That way we can learn from one another and be there for each another, regardless of personal interest or ego.


LIBRA: The higher purpose of the Libran spirit is to BRING JUSTICE, to HARMONIZE, APPLY BALANCE and SHOW BEAUTY AND DIPLOMACY whenever it is needed. Therefore, at this critical time blessed be the peacemakers, such as yourself. Teach us to weigh up options and alternatives. Teach us that even in the most challenging moments of conflict and enmity, diplomacy is the only true process that will bring lasting peace and stability in our lives and in our world. 


SCORPIO: The higher purpose of the Scorpio spirit is to POSITIVELY DIRECT EMOTIONS, APPLY FOCUS, EXHIBIT TENACITY and to UNDERSTAND AND RESOLVE SUBCONCIOUS MOTIVES in the self and in others. Therefore, at this critical time show us how we can draw on our deeper-most instincts for survival, despite any fears we may have. Show us the unbending courage we all need to initiate, in order that we face the powerful challenges of our lives inevitably throw up from time to time. And give us the tenacity to stick to our higher purpose, even when all seems to be lost and our world seems a terrible place to be in.   


SAGITTARIUS: The higher purpose of the Sagittarius spirit is to EXPLORE, SEEK TRUTH, BE ADVENTUROUS and to APPRECIATE ALL FORMS OF BELIEF OR THOUGHT. Therefore, at this critical time teach us how to seek out the greater truths that we need to understand. Then, when they are understood, to bring a higher purpose and wise judgement to those truths. That way, no matter how challenging the path may be ahead us, we will always be guided by that light of reason and higher understanding that we can discover within us.


CAPRICORN: The higher purpose of the Capricorn spirit is to RESPECT LAW AND ORDER, UPHOLD TRADITIONS, RESPECT LONGTERM OBJECTIVES and to WORK HARD FOR A BETTER SOCIETY. Therefore, at this critical time help us understand the value of traditions and values that have be handed down to us. And although we may have different traditions and values to others, help us also appreciate the meaning they have for them – which are valid and therefore need to be respected – as we work together for a greater future and a united purpose in the future. 


AQUARIUS: The higher purpose of the Aquarian spirit is to BE IDEALISTIC, PROGRESSIVE, INDIVIDUALISTIC and to RESPECT THE INDIVIDUALITY IN EVERYONE ELSE too. Therefore, at this critical time show us how to be open to new ideas and new inspirations that will benefit us all on this planet we share. Show us how to break out of prejudice and judgmental attitudes and see, then respect additionally that the difference in others is the strength we might apply to our own weaknesses. As one we are strong but as dividing individuals, we remain weak.


PISCES: The higher purpose of the Piscean spirit is to TRANSCEND NORMS, DREAM, CREATE and to EXPLORE THE NON-MATERIAL WORLD. Therefore, at this critical time show us how we too can have dreams and visions of a greater world and a greater life. Be the bridge builder that will take us from the dark place we are now to the inspirational place of light we may yet find. Help us rise above the mundane and see the greater purpose that might inspire us all to create a better Earth and a better life for each and every one of us. 

  • MARCH 02 / NEW MOON IN PISCES: The arrival of a New Moon is always suggestive of a fresh start in one way or another. Being in Pisces this month it perhaps opens us up to a new creative endeavor, a fresh spiritual insight or an opportunity of self-sacrifice based on a higher love. A good time to initiate compassion, gentleness, or imagination.   
  • MARCH 06 / MARS ENTERS AQUARIUS: Mars brings energy and passion into social, intellectual, and innovative issues. A great time for doing something entirely new and unconventional. This is not a long-haul thing however – more a sudden whim or an instant idea out of the blue that fires us up in some way. Mars will be in Aquarius for a while yet, so there’s no need to hurry – although the outcome and nature of this configuration is often quite unexpected and sudden!  
  • MARCH 06 / VENUS ENTERS AQUARIUS: Could be that our love and affections take on a quite quirky or innovative turn during the immediate future. It can indicate a love for the absurd, the eccentric or even an attraction to transformative social issues. Creative types might expect much new inspiration at this time – a breaking of the artistic mold or the attempting of entirely new things.  
  • MARCH 09 / MERCURY ENTERS PISCES: Traditionally, when Mercury enters Pisces, it indicates a time when our mind frees up from serious thought for a while – where dreams, inspirations or creative thought can take a stronger hold. We may not feel quite so mentally focused as normal, but this can be a great time to do something more creative instead – like write a poem, a book, or song, if so-inclined. Kind words and thoughtful comments are to be encouraged during this time-period.  
  • MARCH 18  / FULL MOON IN VIRGO: Often indicative of a time where we need to address things that we have been putting off – or a time to wind down current passions for a short while to replenish our energies. A good time for getting our house in order – of crossing the “t’s” and dotting the “i’s”. The Virgo element here can be a good time to re-assess work, health, or service issues in our lives. 
  • MARCH 20 / SUN ENTERS ARIES – SPRING EQUINOX: The beginning of our astrological year, this is a time of fresh starts and new significant ventures for the year.  Aries is all about pioneering, charging ahead without fear, fighting the good fight. Symbolically, the Spring Equinox is considered a tipping point in the year – where we can begin to look forward to brighter days and begin the preparations for making them so, with passion and energy. 
  • MARCH 27 / MERCURY ENTERS ARIES: Unlike the softness and fuzziness indicated when Mercury entered Pisces earlier this month, Mercury entering Aries here suggests a quite different frame of mind. This is a time when we’re more likely to speak before thinking, for talking aggressively or expressing honest and unfiltered thoughts without caution. So, if you don’t wish to offend the important people in your life, attempt to rain in your thoughts and words at this time – unless of course the cause is right, and a little honest expression will go a long way to improving a situation. 
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