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April 11: Upcoming Marysville City Council Meeting

MARYSVILLE, Wash., April 10, 2022 – The Marysville City Council will hold a REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING on Monday, April 11, 2022, starting at 7 p.m. This meeting will be held both VIRTUALLY and in IN-PERSON at Marysville City Hall.

Anyone wishing to provide written or verbal public comment, must pre-register at this link before noon on the day of the meeting. To listen to the meeting without providing public comment Join Zoom Meeting at

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Marysville City Council Meeting Agenda

View the full council agenda packet, click here. For its 7 p.m. Monday, April 11 REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING, the Marysville City Council will discuss/vote on the following items below.

An Ordinance Amending Chapter 7.08 of the Marysville Municipal Code Relating to Solid Waste Rates

The City has not raised solid waste collection rates in the past ten years. However, significant changes to the global market for recyclables and increased fuel costs have resulted in rates not covering the cost of disposing of solid waste and recyclables. Waste Management raised rates for recyclables and yard waste in September 2021 and the City has not passed on this increase to customers.

The City of Marysville contracts with Waste Management to provide mandatory recycling service and optional yard waste service for City of Marysville residents. Our current contract ended on August 31st, 2021. Due to the global climate of recycling, our new contract with Waste Management has a significant increase in cost which Waste Management chose to pass on to new contracts. These increased contracted rates took effect as of September, 2021.

The City recently completed a rate study to determine the rate levels to stop and restore eroded reserves. The most common service changes are presented below:

Current rates: The majority of our customers have a 36-gallon garbage cart ($30.76 bi-monthly), 96-gallon recycling cart ($18.46 bi-monthly) and a 96-gallon yard waste cart ($20.40 bi-monthly). The rate for these services currently is $69.62 per bill (bi-monthly).

After May 1st, 2022, the new proposed rates for these services will be as follows: 36-gallon garbage cart ($33.81 bi-monthly), 96-gallon recycling cart ($31.38 bi-monthly) and a 96-gallon yard waste cart ($34.68 bi-monthly), for a total of $99.87 per bill (bi-monthly). This is a total increase of $30.25 bi-monthly ($15.125 per month).

An Ordinance Amending Chapter 3.63 of the Marysville Municipal Code Relating to the Utility Rate Relief

The utility rate relief was established to provide a utility rate reduction to low-income senior and disabled city utility customers. The current discount rate is 30%. There are 450 customers that qualify for the utility rate reduction.

A recent survey of surrounding city utilities identified discount rates above thirty percent (30%). The city wishes to maintain comparable discount rates with surrounding city utilities. Therefore, the recommendation would be to increase the utility rate relief from 30% to 40%.

To view the last meeting’s agenda, click here.

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