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Julie Moore to replace Art Ceniza as Assistant City Administrator

LYNNWOOD, Wash., August 6, 2022 — Mayor Christine Frizzell on Friday has selected Julie Moore to serve as Lynnwood’s next Assistant City Administrator. She will be filling a vacancy left by the retirement of Art Ceniza who served the role for the last 12 years.

Moore will assist the Mayor in the overall management of the City, supporting internal and external operations, and implementing City policies, programs, and procedures. Moore’s new salary will fall between an hourly rate range of $74.97 to $96.51 per hour, a 35% increase from a previous 20.94% pay grade increase in December of 2021 with an hourly rate range of $55.32 to $71.22 per hour.

Assistant City Administrator Julie Moore.

“Julie Moore is a dedicated and trusted member of our City’s Executive team,” stated Mayor Frizzell in a statement to the public. “I am excited by her passion for the City of Lynnwood, the professional expertise she continually exhibits through her work in outreach and communications, and her ability to connect and engage with City Directors, staff, community agencies, and community members. Julie is a strategic thinker, a problem solver, and a great collaborator – she is going to play a crucial role on our City’s leadership team as we move Lynnwood forward.”

In mid-July, Mayor Frizzell and the Lynnwood City Council passed a proclamation to honor former Assistant City Administrator Art Ceniza, commemorating his retirement.

Assistant City Administrator
Copy of the Proclamation to now retired Art Ceniza.

In 2010, Ceniza, an army veteran, began his career in Lynnwood as the Assistant City Administrator and has been instrumental in supporting the successful administration of three Lynnwood Mayors. He is a staunch advocate for employee support and well-being, an advocate for advancing racial equity, and a champion for a ‘One Lynnwood’ strategic approach to problem-solving and city management.

Assistant City Administrator
Former Assistant City Administrator Art Ceniza (left) pictures with City Council President Goerge Hurst along with the Lynnwood City Council and Mayor in the background. Source: City of Lynnwood.

In addition to his tenure in Lynnwood, Ceniza has served for over 27 years in public administration.

Prior to her hire as Assistant City Administrator, Moore served under former Mayor Nicola Smith, as the City’s Manager of Communications and Public Affairs. In 2008, she began her service to Lynnwood working at the Office of Neighborhoods & Community Affairs on community-building through outreach programming and engagement.

Moore is a graduate of Meadowdale High School and earned a degree in Cultural Anthropology from Western Washington University. After spending a few years in Tucson, Arizona, she returned to the Northwest and joined the City of Lynnwood. She is currently working towards a master’s degree in Management and Leadership.

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