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Make Crime Illegal Again: The political battle to “Flip the 8th”

KING COUNTY, Wash., August 7, 2022—After a dismal performance by Republican candidates across the Evergreen State, one Republican hopeful emerges, Matt Larkin – a businessowner, experienced attorney and former criminal prosecutor – to “Flip the 8th.”

For the 8th Congressional District race, Representative Kim Schrier (WA-08) is at risk of losing her seat to political newcomer Matt Larkin. As of the last count release on August 5, Schrier secured 47.84%, down 2.06 points compared to Tuesday’s initial results. The latest combined Democratic Party vote total as of Friday for the race was 97,371 (50.2%), whereas the total Republican vote was 96,572 (49.8%). In 2020, Rep. Schrier won the General Election by 3.56 points with 51.71%, making this race within reach for Larkin to win.

With his “Make Crime Illegal Again” slogan and endorsements of his former Primary challengers Jesse Jensen who secured the eastern district’s votes and Regan Dunn who had a strong King County performance, the Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) strongly believes that Larkin’s message of parental rights, safer communities, out of control inflation, energy independence, substance abuse and homelessness will “Flip the 8th“ and defeat incumbent Rep. Schrier in November.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chairman Tom Emmer released the following statement on August 5th regarding the results of the WA-08 primary election:

“Congratulations to Matt Larkin on advancing to the general election. As a former criminal prosecutor, Matt has worked hard to make Washington State a safer place. This stands in stark contrast to Kim Schrier, who has loyally supported Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s failed policies that caused skyrocketing prices, soaring violent crime, and a crisis at our southern border. Washington voters will reject Schrier come November.”

According to the latest Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings, Schrier has a current war chest ten times that of Larkin of approximately $5.6 million compared to his $480 thousand and this is also two times more than her campaign spent in the 2020 General Election portion of her race.

In the 2020 General Election, Schrier’s campaign spent approximately $2.8 million (or $13.12 per vote) compared to her then-Republican challenger Jesse Jensen who spent approximately $704 thousand (or $3.55 per vote), yet she only won the district by 3.56 points – less than her 2018-win margin against former Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi of 4.84 points.

In 2018 and her first run for the seat, the Schrier campaign spent approximately $7 million (or $42.62 per vote) in the General Election portion of the race and Dino Rossi spent approximately $4.5 million (or $30.15 per vote).

Prior to her start in elected office in 2019, Dr. Schrier was a pediatrician. According to her voter’s pamphlet statement, she has “helped pass laws to bring down costs for working families, to get Veterans the quality healthcare they deserve, and to support training and resources for local police because everyone deserves to feel safe in our community.”

She identifies as pro-choice and will “advocate for commonsense immigration reform, and fix supply chain disruptions so farmers can get their goods to market.”

With a likelihood to “Flip the 8th” as WSRP Chairman Caleb Heimlich puts it, 8th Congressional District Washingtonians are all too familiar with the epic political battle that is about to be unleashed – nonstop political commercials, weekly mailers, telephone calls, surveys, and scores of volunteers canvassing neighborhoods.

One thought on “Make Crime Illegal Again: The political battle to “Flip the 8th”

  • Millions spent on campaigns. Wasting precious dollars during a recession that could go to worthy causes. Once again politics is all about big money. I choose safe communities and tough drug laws over emotionally-charged glossy TV ads.


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