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Democratic candidates dominate initial election results across Washington

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash., August 3, 2022 – Despite record inflation, rising crime and increasing geopolitical tensions, initial election results show Democratic candidates overwhelmingly dominate races across Washington state. Trump-backed congressional candidates failed to advance to the General Election.

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In a tweet last night, Tina Podlodowski, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party, mocked the Republican mantra of an impending “red wave” by stating, “No red wave, no red puddle, no red drop.”

Washington State Republican Party Chairman Caleb Heimlich has not yet released a statement regarding last night’s election performance by his party but did retweet support for candidate Tiffany Smiley.

Federal Elections

In the greatest political upset for Republicans, Senatorial candidate Tiffany Smiley (31.96%) is trailing Democratic incumbent Patty Murry (54%) by 22 points. According to FEC filings, the Smiley campaign has spent approximately $4.8 million. In her previous reelection bid in 2016, Senator Murray performed similarly with 53.82% of the vote.

Both U.S. House Republican incumbents, Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA-03) and Dan Newhouse (WA-04),  who voted to impeach former U.S. President Donald J Trump appears to be facing Democratic challengers in November. Trump-backed Republican challenger Joe Kent fell short of the votes needed to either “primary” Beutler or to advance. The same can be said for former gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp in his bid to oust Newhouse. It is almost certain that Newhouse will retain his seat in November and Beutler will face Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez.

Both Snohomish County Congressional candidates Suzan DelBene (WA-01) and Rick Larsen (WA-02) sailed to victory with 63.7% and 48.41% respectively. DelBene will face Mill Creek Councilman Vincent Cavaleri (R) and Larsen will face Mukilteo resident and retired Air Force Lt. Colonel Dan Matthews. In his bid for reelection, Larsen faced nine other challengers including a fellow Democrat, Jason Call, who garnered 13.29% of the vote. Larsen should pull off a November victory with a nearly 60% majority of the vote.

“I could not be more grateful for the support our campaign received tonight,” Congressman Larsen released in a statement to the Lynnwood Times. “While there are still many more votes to be counted – and we _must_ count every vote – tonight’s results reflect the work, values, and shared commitment of so many supporters and volunteers across Northwest Washington. I want to extend to each and every one of you my personal note of thanks.”

In a glimmer of hope for Republicans to flip a congressional seat, incumbent Democrat Congresswoman Kim Schrier (WA-08) appears vulnerable with 49.4% of the vote. Her Republican challengers secured 46.68% of the vote. It appears that a nasty battle between Republican candidates Reagan Dunn and Jesse Jensen opened the door to former Attorney General candidate Matt Larkin (R) who is holding a 970-vote lead for the second slot on the November ballot.

Incumbent Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) and incumbent Democrats Derek Kilmer (WA-06), Parmila Jayapal (WA-07), Adam Smith (WA-09) and Marilyn Strickland (WA-10), will advance to the primary and are most likely to retain their seats.

Secretary of State

Incumbent Steve Hobbs garnered 41.2% of the vote to secure his bid on the November ballot for Secretary of State. With slightly over a million ballots counted, only 6,963 votes separate the next three candidates vying for the second slot. If nonpartisan candidate Julie Anderson holds her slim lead, no Republican candidate will advance for this state executive position which was formerly held by Kim Wyman, a Republican who accepted a job last November with the Biden administration.

Snohomish County Prosecutor

Brett Rogers (Prefers Republican Party): 40.73%

Jason Cummings (Prefers Democratic Party): 59.15%

Public Utilities District No. 1 Commissioner District 3

Ken Maerteens, 21.13%

Jordan M Sears, 14.74%

Tanya Olson, 63.64%

Snohomish County Legislative Candidates

Many Republican candidates who provided the Lynnwood Times a statement echoed a common theme of thanking their supporters and stating, “there are still many votes that need to be counted.” Republican Senatorial candidate Anita Azariah in the 38th LD conceded the race to challengers Bernard Moody (R) and June Robinson (D) telling the Lynnwood Times that the gap overcome is too great and for “God to bless Bernard and June in their run in the General Election.”

Julio Cortes, the Democratic candidate running for 38th LD Representative shared that he is proud of his team and thanked voters.

“I’m really proud of the work we did to get to this point,” Cortes said. “The team and I worked hard from the get-go and made sure we listened to our many diverse communities. I’m humbled by all of the support I received from volunteers, donors, unions, business and community leaders – it was great to speak to so many people and groups with different perspectives. It helped me to ensure I had a platform that is balanced and will really make a difference for folks.

“Moving forward, we will continue to work hard and continue to listen to our communities and give a voice to them in Olympia.”

Below are the latest results. Those candidates with an asterisk (*) denotes incumbent status.

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 1 – State Representative Pos. 1

John Peeples (Prefers Republican Party): 28.06%

*Davina Duerr (Prefers Democratic Party): 71.77%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 1 – State Representative Pos. 2

Jerry Buccola (Prefers Republican Party): 27.56%

*Shelley Kloba (Prefers Democratic Party): 72.16%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 10 – State Representative Pos. 1

Clyde Shavers (Prefers Democratic Party): 53.22%

*Greg Gilday (Prefers Republican Party): 46.68%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 10 – State Representative Pos. 2

Karen Lesetmoe (Prefers Republican Party): 44.24%

*Dave Paul (Prefers Democratic Party): 55.65%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 12 – State Representative Pos. 1

*Keith W. Goehner (Prefers Republican Party): 93.14%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 12 – State Representative Pos. 2

Robert K Amenn (Prefers Republican Party): 13.69%

*Mike Steele (Prefers Republican Party): 81.28%


*Marko Liias (Prefers Democratic Party): 63.36%

Janelle Cass (Prefers Republican Party): 36.47%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 21 – State Representative Pos. 1

Amy Schaper (Prefers Republican Party): 32.14%

*Strom Peterson(Prefers Democratic Party): 67.7%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 21 – State Representative Pos. 2

Jenifer Short (Prefers Republican Party): 16.38%

Petra Bigea (Prefers Republican Party): 17.09%

*Lillian Ortiz-Self (Prefers Democratic Party): 66.39%


Evelyn Anthony (Prefers Independent Party): 14.11%

Patricia Weber (Prefers Democratic Party): 18.78%

*Jesse Salomon (Prefers Democratic Party): 66.02%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 32 – State Representative Pos. 1

Lori Theis (Prefers Election Integrity Party): 16.12%

*Cindy Ryu (Prefers Democratic Party): 83.08%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 32 – State Representative Pos. 2

Anthony Hubbard (Prefers Republican Party): 19.05%

*Lauren Davis (Prefers Democratic Party): 80.5%


Bernard Moody (Prefers Republican Party): 28.7%

Anita Azariah (Prefers Republican Party): 11.6%

*June Robinson (Prefers Democratic Party): 59.52%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 38 – State Representative Pos. 1

Bert Johnson (Prefers Republican Party): 17.87%

Julio Cortes (Prefers Democratic Party): 40.22%

Daryl Williams (Prefers Democratic Party): 21.12%

Gary Kemp (Prefers Republican Party): 20.63%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 38 – State Representative Pos. 2

Christopher D. Elliott (States No Party Preference): 2.37%

Mark James (Prefers Republican Party): 36.99%

David Wiley (Prefers Libertarian Party): 2.9%

Mary Fosse (Prefers Democratic Party): 57.62%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 39 – State Representative Pos. 1

Claus Joens (Prefers Democratic Party): 24.4%

*Robert J. Sutherland (Prefers Republican Party): 31.27%

Karl de Jong (Prefers Democratic Party): 17.79%

Sam Low (Prefers Republican Party): 26.42%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 39 – State Representative Pos. 2

*Carolyn Eslick (Prefers Republican Party): 42.78%

Tyller Boomgaarden (Prefers Republican Party): 11.36%

Kathryn Lewandowsky (Prefers Independent Party): 6.03%

Jessica Wadhams (Prefers Democratic Party): 39.71%


*John Lovick (Prefers Democratic Party): 59.32%

Jeb Brewer (Prefers Republican Party): 40.56%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 44 – State Representative Pos. 1

Mark Harmsworth (Prefers Republican Party): 45.6%

*Brandy Donaghy (Prefers Democratic Party): 54.27%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 44 – State Representative Pos. 2

*April Berg (Prefers Democratic Party): 57.47%

Ryne Rohla (Prefers Republican Party): 42.45%

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