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LTE: I support Chris Eck for Snohomish County Councilmember

Stephanie Wright selflessly gave a significant amount of time back to District 3 and other communities in Snohomish County.  I think that makes it that much more important for Democratic PCOs to get her replacement right. There are several names that have also given back selflessly to our community and that is also wonderful, but I think expanding our pool of community representation beyond the same regular names would give the county a broader perspective to tackle the issues that seem to plague our region. 

More importantly, we need a representative that has the capacity to do the full job! I am fully confident that Chris Eck is that person and has demonstrated that she is that leader. She has practical hands-on experience working with our most vulnerable populations and understands the administrative needs required to run these programs which will help ensure the county budget reflects what is realistic and based on the need. 

She is a mother, a cancer survivor and with her planning commission experience, she is the full package. She will make an outstanding Councilmember. 

I’m not a PCO in my neighborhood but I am a proud Democrat and I support Chris Eck. There will be three names put forward. I hope she is one of them! 

— Jen Dragoo, Edmonds, WA

Content Source: Letter to the Editor from Jen Dragoo

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