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Two suspects on the loose after shooting in Arlington, 1 injured

ARTICLE UPDATE: Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit detectives arrest 37-year-old David Charles Koeppen of Everett and 28-year-old Dillon Howard Thomas of Lynnwood on March 22, 2023, for murder in connection to the shooting death of 33-year-old Austin J Hoerner of Arlington. [9:40 p.m. March 25, 2023.]

ARLINGTON, Wash.—The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit is investigating a shooting in Arlington that left one man injured Tuesday morning. 

The 33-year-old victim has been transported to Providence Medical Center and the two suspected shooters have fled the scene and are outstanding, officers said. 

Police responded to a Shooting Assault with Weapon call at approximately 8:25 a.m. at a motorhome located on the 15000 block of 116th Street NE. Sheriff’s Patrol Deputies arrived on scene at approximately 10 a.m. 

A silver sedan was seen fleeing the scene which officers believe to be a 2013-2014 Ford Fusion. 

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the two male suspects arrived at the residence shortly after 8 a.m. and entered the motorhome on the property. There was a verbal altercation between the suspects and the victim before he was shot multiple times. An adult female was also inside the motorhome but was not injured. 

The suspects have not yet been caught. 

This is an active investigation. Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit tip line: 425-388-3845

Developing story, please check back for updates. 

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  1. Look into the history of the one alledged suspect, Dillon Thomas. It will clearly reveal 2 major issues that should have been addressed long ago. One is that if an individual like Dillon Thomas is all about arming himself that much for that long then its most likely stemmed from an insecurity / fear. However I noticed that the other report clearly stated that the evidence reflects back on ‘David’ when it came down to the act of the terrible crime. That leads me to believe that much of the truth is missing. Was Dillon Thomas in a position of being forced to ‘play along or ‘pay the price’ through loss of his innocent, immediate family members? I have known Dillon Thomas since he was 14 years old. There was no way he would have committed murder. In fact he would have turned a weapon on himself before following through with the thought of harming another especially to that extreme. He had been released from prison shortly before the incident happened. That simply verified to me that the current correctional program and process is NOT helping anyone! They set the inmates up to end up processed back into their system. Do the receive state and or federal funds for each additional prisoner!? Hmm. If the encarcerated individual wants to relocate and try to start a new life with the intention of avoiding negative social interaction, then that inmate must decide to want the extra time in prison before he or she is allowed to look into such options! The real question is, do they want more money at a possible high price, or would they rather change the pathetic guidelines of the current program in the system to give up the re-encarceration funding and allow the released inmate to relocate seriously reducing the chances of ending up right back into the prison system. I moved from Washington state to Montana state for several reasons. One being that there isn’t much offered around here in regards to finding trouble. There are ranchers needing work hands and hills for riding dirt bikes, ect… Self entertainment through starting over in an area where you can have the edge personality and actually get paid by the ranchers to do it. I once took Dillon to his baseball games and tried contributing the fun, positive impact that a human being would NEED in life, especially after being released from a prison facility, and its negative influence on those who are serving with a large number of criminals. If your dogs’ misbehavior is a result of being around another dog that is basically out of control, are you going to continue to feed the negative influence on your dog? Or do corective action to display that it’s behavior was unacceptable and as a means of correcting or fixing the problem, continue to subject your pet to the negative influences to in turn face more negative actions by your once at least partially trained dog? 1 rotten apple will infect the whole batch. ‘Correctional facilities don’t correct, instead they ‘infect.’
    I am just saying lie with dogs and receive the fleas that infect it. And then those who are subjected to them as well… one more thing, after a person spends enough time incarcerated and away from the public environment, it can impact the persons thought process and ultimately change a person completely. After all what’s left? Employers begging to hire ex cons?! There are improvements that must be addressed in our outdated structured system. Honestly the answers are quite simple, less expensive and by far more effective when seeking positive outcomes. First there has to be a stand, an initiative to step forward, as in today. Not tomorrow or next week. We all know how that would go…. away. Lol.
    Sincerely, Someone who cares more than most…

    1. The facts get twisted, sadly lives end up lost. Furthermore without complete details, it’s simply a guessing game… especially for those who don’t truly know the people who are referenced to…

  2. I completely agree, facts are an issue to seek out. Especially in today’s society. Just as a follow up on the two men held in Snohomish county jail, one of them is dead, he died while being held in the highest level of solitary confinement possible!! They claim that it was a drug overdose. It very well could have been, however considering the strict process of being booked into that jail combined with the fact that he had no interaction with other inmates tells me that there is much missing information on that issue! I must say that I am now to the point of questioning the system, the guards there! Do the research and as you read through all of the recent deaths there, consider the fact that heroine and other drugs have been around for quite some time. Fetanyl is just a ‘souped up version of oxycontin… That fact is that the sudden death by drugs in the Snohomish County Jail was never that big of an issue in the past. Had it been, corrective measures would have been implemented to avoid additional situations similar to the claimed issues regarding their reasons for the recent deaths… The program isn’t perfect but neither are the excuses for the in jail deaths! There are plenty of holes to be found in both… If corrective measures are not taken seriously, the idea of an individual dying is going to become just another everyday event if it isn’t already. Considering the extreme searches combined with the technology that is there at the Snohomish County Jail, I find it very hard to believe that the inmates are the individuals bringing the drugs into the facility. I believe, in my opinion that David K. was murdered there in Snohomish County Jail and not by any means of any other inmate!! Solitary confinement is no joke when it comes to a murder charge! There is no interaction with anyone other than the guards who work there! It’s really a matter of common sense! And investigations and charges best be made, and made very soon with a fine tooth comb and possibly by an outside agency! The public can put puzzle pieces together better than they are given credit for. STOP THE LIES, AND MAKE KNOWN THE TRUTHS, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE AND YOU OR SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT ENDS UP IN A DEFENSELESS POSITION…. AS I SAID BEFORE, IF WE DON’T START CORRECTING THE CRIMINAL ISSUES WITHIN OUR CORRECTION FACILITIES, THINGS WILL LIKELY GET OUT OF CONTROL, AT A LEVEL THAT WOULD BE UNIMAGINABLE. Just because an individual is a correction employee, it doesn’t make him innocent or being able to act as a criminal at the same time. It’s called psychology. Study it… My guess is not all the listed deaths in that jail were from self inflicted overdoses, or even other inmates as claimed. I would expect there to be a very extensive investigation done on that facility, a detailed, time consuming investigation without holes or ‘excuses’…

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