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Letter-to-Editor: The Mukilteo Lighthouse is not the answer to the Chamber’s woes

Although I understand the Chamber of Commerce’s desire to put their operation in a more visible location, the Mukilteo lighthouse buildings are not the place.  I moved to Mukilteo 10 years ago and one of the things that has impressed me with this community is the effort to preserve the historical integrity of the lighthouse complex.  It is truly beautiful. Many coastal communities would see the financial opportunity in developing that waterfront land.  I commend Mukilteo for recognizing that history can’t be replaced once lost.

The writer of the previous letter is correct that the lighthouse and giftshop are not open every day.  However, they will be open every weekend through the summer season.  The lighthouse is also used for weddings, school and camp tours, military ceremonies and more. I was there this weekend and it was bustling with activity.  

The chamber of commerce is a great organization but it’s own vision statement says its purpose is  working to build and support a thriving business and economic growth.   The lighthouse is not a business.  It is staffed by volunteers and any funds raised are used for historical preservation. The buildings themselves are full of artifacts saving the history of the area.  Placing the chamber of commerce there would change that area from a historical community park to office space.   More traffic inside the building, wiring for internet needs etc also raises more challenges with preserving them for the future.

The Chamber definitely should consider a move.  There is other office space available in Old Town Mukilteo, the Rosehill Community Center may also have space. Even consider erecting a new building within the new development around the ferry terminal.  There are options. The historical site that is an emblem of Mukilteo is not the right answer.

Thank you!

Dona F., Mukilteo, WA 98275

Editor’s Note: Link to previous letter-to-the-editor regarding the Mukilteo Chamber and Historical Society feud.

2 thoughts on “Letter-to-Editor: The Mukilteo Lighthouse is not the answer to the Chamber’s woes

  • Please preserve the mukilteo lighthouse. Dona is absolutely correct in her letter. Go find office space. I am sure there plenty available spaces in the area

  • Well said.
    Using the lighthouse would be like San Antonio using The Alamo!!
    Surely they could find a better place that fits their needs.


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