May 19, 2024 7:05 pm

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Letter-to-Editor: A move of the Mukilteo chamber offices to the waterfront just makes logical sense

Mukilteo is a beautiful city. It has a charm and a vibe that is cherished by all, this is why I am proud to call Mukilteo home!

Visitors come to our businesses, our restaurants, and enjoy our grounds, and in a recent Mukilteo City survey over 70% of locals visit our waterfront as well. Over 30% of survey respondents stated that they visit the waterfront monthly, and over 45% stated they visit our shoreline weekly!

And while we are proud of our waterfront, as a resident of Mukilteo I know that there are areas that we can work together to improve this attraction for all.

As a former past president of the chamber of commerce, current board member, and active member of our community, I am proud in the way the chamber supports every aspect of our community from local businesses, to our schools, and also focuses on championing our seasonal community engagements – including the Lighthouse Festival Beer Garden, and Music at the Beach events!

Our Chamber of Commerce excels at connecting businesses to our community. As business owners within the chamber we know the importance of aligning community, businesses and resources and the impact one’s budget and bottom line.

The Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce also assists the City of Mukilteo by managing the Centre for Tourism. Many do not know this unique, but very important fact. This is why, in my opinion, it is important for the offices of the Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce to review it’s location and consider updating it’s venue.

When one thinks of Mukilteo, one thinks of our city’s symbol — The Lighthouse. When visitors come, they want to see The Lighthouse. When new business come and consider Mukilteo as a place to relocate, they view the waterfront, and the Lighthouse as well.

Currently the buildings next to the lighthouse are CLOSED to the public most of the time. The gift shop is also CLOSED most of the time.

Mukilteo chamber
Mukilteo Gift Shop next to the Lighthouse. SOURCE: Paul Ellis.

The Chamber of Commerce’s office currently sits atop of Old Mukilteo hill across from Olympic View Elementary School.

When visitors come to our Waterfront if they wish to have information regarding tourism or the City, they have to drive up the hill to receive information – and to purchase merchandise as well. This is not an efficient use of time for citizens, visitors, or perspective business information. Honestly, it is akin to selling hot dogs on the beach, and having the buns, condiments, and soft drinks located in a different building up the hill.

It only makes sense to move the Chamber’s administrative offices into buildings that are CLOSED most of the time.

Moving the offices of the Mukilteo Chamber to the Waterfront next to the lighthouse benefits the whole community, the City of Mukilteo’s budget (which is operating buildings that are not open often), and increases the efficiency of resources to citizens and visitors alike.

Mukilteo is a beautiful city, however closed doors tell the public that we are NOT open for business, NOT welcoming to tourists, nor able to deliver gifts that display pride in our City — this is not a pretty sight.

I think every citizen can agree, a move of the chamber offices to the waterfront just logically makes sense.


Paul Ellis, Mukilteo Citizen

4 Responses

  1. Sorry Mr. Ellis I am a life long resident of Mukilteo and long time member of the Mukilteo Historical Society. This proposal has already been discussed and found to be quite unacceptable. There are many lighthouses around the country that are not open when you visit so that is not an argument. We live in old town and don’t appreciate commercialization of our neighborhood. The chamber is welcome to find a place on the waterfront as it is developed but it won’t be in Quarters A.

  2. Mr. Ellis, This train has left the station. Given your profession (“a wealth mngmt. and financial industry veteran who focuses on ” high net worth wealth management”) it is not surprising to hear you tout the merits of a Chamber move to the LH grounds (more tourists, more customers for businesses, some of them with high end net worth). I agree the Chamber’s current office is no great shakes, but as I understand it, they pay no rent, so finding a rent free location might not be easy.
    As to the LH hours, they are planned around peak times. I walk those grounds almost daily and I can tell you that in winter there are only a handful of stalwarts braving the weather to come to the park. This year the decreased crowds lasted right through the end of April, The Chamber office is open M-F 10AM-4PM or by appt. Aren’t those close to bankers’ hours
    No Mr. Ellis, I agree that a thriving business sector enriches our community, but the Chamber does not belong on the historical LH grounds that belong to all of us here, not just the organization that represents the business community.

  3. It makes NO sense that the Mukilteo Chamber would not want New (waterfront development) Digs rather than to move to an Old (Historical Landmark-Hands Off !!) building.
    I mean they could put in a wet bar at the New place, since it seems most of their functions involve alcohol. They just want a sunset view. Just sayin’…..

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