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Seattle ranked third in most LGBTQ-friendly cities for 2023

According to a study by LawnStarter, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Seattle top the list of major metropolitan cities in America where members of the LGBTQ+ community feel proudest and safest to live.

In its article, 2023’s Most LGBTQ-Friendly Cities,  LawnStarter compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on 20 indicators of an ideal LGBTQ city, such as anti-discrimination policies, the share of same-sex households, and LGBTQ support resources. Also factored was affordability, LGBTQ-friendly health care access, and Pride-readiness.

See the 10 best (and 10 worst) cities for LGBTQ+ folks below, followed by key stats from the report.

LGBTQ-friendly cities
LGBTQ-friendly cities
LGBTQ-friendly cities

Key Insights:

  • True Colors: Alaska is the only red state among the 20 states (plus the District of Columbia) that have not passed at least one of the 83 anti-transgender bills introduced in 2023 (at the time of data collection). So far, North Dakota has passed the most bills, 11.
  • LGBTQ-Unfriendly Florida: Of the 18 states with active “Don’t Say Gay” bills, only Florida has passed such legislation. 
  • Twins of a Different Cloth: Some “twin” cities performed differently in our ranking — one tends to be more inclusive and progressive than its sibling. Minneapolis (No. 19) and St. Paul, Minnesota (No. 68); Dallas (No. 57) and Fort Worth, Texas (No. 129); and Fort Lauderdale (No. 18) and Miami, Florida (No. 144) all have big gaps in rank.
  • Battle of the Sixes: Salt Lake City (No. 20 overall) and its suburb West Lake Valley (No. 185) are polar opposites in Health Care Access. SLC placed 6th best, whereas WVC placed 6th worst. This outcome may be a reflection of the declining Mormon population in Salt Lake City and its continued domination in West Valley City.
  • Stay Hydrated: Eight of the 10 cities with the highest concentrations of gay bars and clubs are all by water. In first place is New Orleans (No. 53 overall), followed by other seaside or riverside cities like San Francisco (No. 1), Providence, Rhode Island (No. 15), Pittsburgh (No. 8), and Seattle (No. 3).
  • Rest Easy: Transgenders, genderqueers, and gender non-conformists can easily find inclusive restrooms in the biggest U.S. cities. Several Midwestern cities — such as Warren, Michigan (No. 157), Kansas City, Kansas (No. 124), and Akron, Ohio (No. 101) — have the fewest gender-neutral bathrooms at bars and restaurants.

SOURCE: https://www.lawnstarter.com/blog/studies/most-lgbtq-friendly-cities/

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