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Letter-to-Editor: Vote Adam Fortney to keep our deputies from leaving the county

Re-Elect Adam Fortney for Sheriff, the best person that will keep us and our kids safe for the next four years!

The soft-on-crime establishment wants Snohomish County voters to bend-the-knee to Olympia bureaucrats and their failed law enforcement policies. Do you want to have a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office protecting victims and doing policing or an administration on the side of criminals?

Gone are the days of catch-and-release under the former Sheriff Ty Trenary and Susanna Johnson Administration where she served as his Bureau Chief of Operations. Adam fulfilled his promise to end this disastrous Seattle-like policy. During COVID, facing immense pressure from Olympia, Adam kept the jail open to keep residents safe.

Seattle is now paying the price with the blood of innocent victims for failed policies Susanna supports. These same policies resulted in minimum staffing levels down 50% for Seattle PD. Could you image Snohomish County with 50% less deputies especially with the threat of organized crime and rise in gang-related shootings?

Has Ty ever shown up to his office as Senior Policy Analyst within the last four years after he was hooked up with the county job just months after losing to Adam? Has Ty ever submitted any reports as Senior Policy Analyst for the County to help with the county’s deadly fentanyl crisis or testified to the to the County Council within the last four years? No. Talk about using taxpayer’s money for a politically cushy job with no accountability.

The good ole “political” players club, with Susanna as their new face, opens an opportunity for a return of the failed policies of the Ty-Susanna Administration.

Why is it that ALL police officer guilds in ALL of Snohomish County support Adam? Because his proven policies in the last four years are the policing balance we need in Snohomish County.  

Why would Susanna accept endorsements from vocal defund the police and anti-police groups and elected officials? They put Snohomish County at risk at a time we need good policing most.

During the “Summer of Love” riots throughout Puget Sound in 2020, rioters didn’t dare release their mayhem on Snohomish County. Fortney stands up to criminals and refuses to bend-the-knee. They knew this then and they know this now.

Snohomish County voters, we are at the crossroads for safety in our county. Re-Elect Adam Fortney for Sheriff, the best person that will keep us and our kids safe for the next four years!

Jason Moore, Lynnwood

DISCLAIMER: The views and comments expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Lynnwood Times nor any of its affiliates.

3 thoughts on “Letter-to-Editor: Vote Adam Fortney to keep our deputies from leaving the county

  • I think the paranoid tone of this piece makes clear what kind of support Adam Fortney draws. This piece is full of strange imagery like refusing to “bend-the-knee” and intense fear of the “establishment” which must be “fought” and how the county is “at a crossroads”..

    And it’s all fear and power fantasies. It openly calls for antidemocratic opposition to anything the sheriff deems wrong with legislative decisions made at the county or state level.

    And none of it is for real either. If they really thought that there was rising gang violence in the area, they might blame the current sheriff’s policies, but instead it is an aside to attack nebulous agents of chaos that are looking to hurt the good people of the county, and it’s all so obviously not earnest.

    I don’t know. It’s probably bad for law enforcement to have an us/them ingroup/outgroup mentality against half its populace. Particularly when supporters are openly celebrating selectively choosing what to enforce and who to enforce against. That seems a bad idea all around.

  • Adam Fortney makes the people of the county a priority along with his Deputies. He is a man that will stand against what will actually harm us and fight for what is right! This is the kind of Leadership that is required and needed in Snohomish County!! He has my families and friends votes. Vote FORTNEY!!!!

  • Fortney is a racist idiot who ran on the platform of rehiring the sheriffs who got fired for murdering unarmed citizens. If we get rid of him, then we can get rid of all the sheriffs on our bloated county payroll who are so corrupt as to be worse than useless. Most of our sheriffs are on a list with the county prosecutors office not to call as witnesses because they have a long history of lying under oath, false arrests, and other criminal behavior. Fortney lost our county its state accreditation in 2021 because the office is so corrupt and dysfunctional. Literally a handful of slugs with a taser could do a better job.


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