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Letter-to-Editor: Retain Judge Miquel Duran

We write this letter to support Judge Miguel Duran as he seeks to retain his position as Snohomish County Superior Court Judge, Pos. 16.

Judge Duran has proven himself to fairly and thoughtfully decide the matters that come before him. His years of criminal and civil practice prior to joining the bench provide the framework for his continuing service to the community. Judge Duran is endorsed by every sitting Superior Court Judge, and we ask you to vote to retain him.

Judge Duran is smart, experienced, and conscientious. Off the bench, he serves our local youth as a convenor of the Snohomish County YMCA’s Middle and High School Mock Trial Competitions. He serves in a statewide capacity as a Superior Court Judge’s Association representative to the Washington Pattern Jury Instruction Committee. Judge Duran is devoted to ensuring access to justice. He co-founded his former firm’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and carries forward that commitment on the bench. He has wide support from community leaders and organizations.

Judges need to have diverse experience and backgrounds to ensure the community they serve has the benefit of thoughtful decision making. One cannot replace the other. Judge Duran brings both to the Snohomish County Superior Court. Vote to retain Judge Duran in November.

Judge Anita Farris, Judge Bruce Weiss, Judge George Appel, Judge Joseph Wilson, Judge Marybeth Dingledy, Judge Richard Okrent, Judge Cindy Larsen, Judge Jennifer Langbehn, Judge Paul Thompson, Judge Edirin Okoloko, Judge Karen Moore, Judge Jon Scott, Judge Patrick Moriarty

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