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Letter-to-Editor: Introducing Josh Binda, the George Santos of Lynnwood

According to the New York Times, the House Ethics Committee concluded that Congressman George Santos (R-NY) illegally used his campaign funds for personal use and that he lied to Congress and the Public about his activities.

The Ethics Committee’s report said that Congressman Santos spent donor money on designer clothing, plastic surgery, and personal airfare. Santos had “systemic reporting errors” in his Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings, refused to resign, and was expelled from Congress on Friday.

Sound familiar?

Lynnwood has a George Santos. His name…Josh Binda.

Binda is a Lynnwood City Councilmember and the Snohomish Superior County Court ruled that Binda violated multiple state campaign finance laws, including using his campaign funds for personal use. Binda also knowingly lied to the City Council and the Public about using City government resources for his personal gain and profit.

The Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) ruled that Binda, like Santos, also had systemic reporting errors.

Binda spent donor money on Versace, dental work, a necklace, haircuts, concert tickets, and personal airfare. The Lynnwood Times reported that Binda “confused” his campaign debit card with his personal debit card…multiple times. Binda filed nearly $10,000 of suspicious campaign expenditures that suddenly disappeared once journalists started to investigate.

Like Santos, Binda has dismissed calls from our community to resign. Lynnwood, now is the time to sign our petition so we can vote to expel Josh Binda, Lynnwood’s George Santos, from the City Council. Visit to learn more and read where to sign our petition.

Contact us at the following:


Email: Facebook: Recall Josh Binda

X (formerly known as Twitter): @RecallJoshBinda

Diodato Boucsieguez Lynnwood, Committee to Recall Joshua Binda, Chair

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